Monday, July 20, 2009

Perodua Myvi Defect: Petrol Smell In The Cabin After Refueling

Most of the corporates are practising the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) to enhance the corporate image buy contributing to the society. I feel extremely annoyed while I read that Perodua is creating public awareness on their CSR activities as while Perodua is short handed in resolving the customer complaints, what's the point of so-called CSR? For show?

My father owned a Perodua Myvi which the petrol smell persists all the while, and the smell become extremely strong everytime after refueling. After I surfed through the web, I understand this is a common defects of most of the Myvi cars (maybe all). There is no effort from the Perodua management in re-calling the Myvi cars for repairing or replacement.

Just imagine the consequences of inhaling of the petrol (gasoline) fumes in long term? It is life threatening!

Where is the professionalism and business ethic of Perodua management? Does CSR carries any meaning to a corporate that shows no business ethic?

Link to the Motor Trader Forum to understand further.

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Jayce said...

Did not notice this issue with my brother Myvi. Hmm... Maybe I seldom drive it and refill it. ^_^"


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