Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My 7th Google Adsense Payment via Western Union

I have switched my Google Adsense payment mode from check to Western Union for faster money withdrawal as well as cost effectiveness.

But this very first experience with Western Union was not a favorable one. I have gone through the hassles and I would like to share my experience to my readers so that you do not need to go through what I had.

I went to Public bank on last Friday afternoon, the receptionists told me that the quota had been filled up and I was advise to do Western Union transaction before 11am.

Since Hong Leong bank is just located next to Public Bank, I made a try as well, and I got the same answer.

This Monday, I visited another Hong Leong Bank near my house. The bank officer told me that this branch does not provide Western Union services, I was referred to another Hong Leong Bank right opposite the highway. I made a U-turn, arrived at the said bank, and this time round, the officer told me that they provide service for Western Union money sending only, money withdrawal is not available.

I was very pissed off, and move on to another Hong Leong Bank in another town. The officer always has a reason for me. She said that the terminal that operates Western Union is faulty. I have then proceed to Public Bank next, and it was around 11:00am, the officer at Public Bank gave me the same reason that the quota was filled up, and I was told to come earlier.

Ambank was my next try, and again same result was given, the system went off line. I was then referred by the officer to try at Bank Rakyat. Without much hope, the officer told me that the Western Union money withdrawal service was not available since a month ago. I was referred to Bank Simpanan Nasional.

At that moment, I have given up totally. I decided to try my luck at the money changer counter that was dominated by the Indian and Mamak. I found one at one of the shopping mall, and finally the transaction is done swiftly.

Yes, the traditional money changer that runs by Indian and Mamak are far more reliable and efficient as compared to the banks in Malaysia. I really doubt that if Malaysia can become one of the regional financial hub as per what the government claim.


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