Friday, November 25, 2011

Say NO to Passive Smoking 5

Citta Mall management has gone one step further in anti-smoking initiative by prohibiting smoking in open air area as well (Please see picture below).
Clean air zone- We share the same air, thank you for not smoking.
 But, the enforcement of Citta Mall management is questionable as smokers are seen at the open air area.

The smoker who was facing the no smoking sign is smoking openly without hesitation.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

LevelOne Wireless Router - Lifetime Warranty

About 3 year ago, when I was looking for a wireless router at Digital Mall, section14, Petaling Jaya, LevelOne brand was introduced to me. Actually I was looking for Cisco router at that time, but the retailer insisted me to give LevelOne a try because of the lifetime warranty policy.

Furthermore, Cisco router was out of stock at time. Without much option, I brought back the LevelOne wireless router.

Last Saturday, the wireless router failed to power on. I first thought of getting a new router, but undernealth my memory, I sort of remembering that this LevelOne wireless router has comes with a extended warranty.

Instead of going back to the retailer at Digital Mall, I brought the router to LevelOne distributor in Malaysia, Ivenue Soltions Sdn Bhd  for inspection. To my surprise, after approximately 10 minutes of inspection, the technician handed me a new LevelOne wireless router without any attached condition.

The LevelOne warranty claim experience is really exceptional good. The claim process is so simple, no complicated forms to fill up, need not wait for days or weeks for inspection and approval.

Contact details of LevelOne Malaysia Authorized Service Centre:

Ivenue Solutions Sdn Bhd
2nd Floor
37-2 Jalan PJS 11/2
Subang Indah
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-5632 5211


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