Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JPJ Petaling Jaya

JPJ, also known as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan is a department that deal with driving license, road tax, change of car ownership, compounds, etc.

As usual, I have started to use online application like MYEG for anything to deal with JPJ or government agencies. It is because of issues like:

1. Severe insufficient car parking space
2. Extremely crowded. 

Basically doing one single transaction with JPJ will cost you almost one productive day. 

My question now is why these peoples willingly to burn their productive hours by physically visit to JPJ for transactions? Can't they do it online?

The government is also not learning. The new government offices like those in Putrajaya are also designed with limited car park spaces. It is really counter productive as the visitors need to spend almost 60 minutes to get their car parked before they can proceed to queue for a number. After getting a number they need to queue for 60-360 minutes for their turn depending on luck. The actual transaction takes you less than 5 minutes.

If you really need to visit to JPJ, my advise is you shall take Uber or Grab. At least you save the hassle of looking out for car park.

For any transactions that you can do online, try it and I bet you will love it. So convenient and very productive. It cost you a couple of Ringgit to save you hours, gasoline and tolls.


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