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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Singapore vs Malaysia 2

Happy New Year!

But I suppose many of the Malaysian readers are not so happy due to the super-inflation phenomenon that is happening since the end of 2013 (started from November 2013) that may only settle down in end 2014. Then the 6% GST (Government Service Tax) will be introduced in 2015 to give the inflation a vital boost.

I have started to compare Malaysia against Singapore since 2010. During that time, the exchange rate was at MYR2.40 for SGD1.00. A part from exchange rate, I am also comparing the lifestyles and socioeconomic between these two countries.

After 4 years of observation, I made some assumptions as below.

1. The Myth of Malaysia will become another Singapore in year to come
When I was a secondary school student (20 years ago), one of the teacher shared a common view that in year to come, Malaysia will become another Singapore. Similarly, given time, Singapore will progress to be another successful state like Hong Kong.

In my view, the chance of Malaysia in transforming into an advance country is very slim. In fact, over this 20 year, Malaysia is not really progressing but heading backward. On the other hand, Singapore is already on par with Hong Kong in term of competitiveness.

2. Wrong Priority
Malaysia is a very resourceful country, it is very easy to make a living in Malaysia. Due to this advantage, over the years, the government has not really focus on the well being of the people but focusing on closing the gap between the Muslims and non-Muslims as well as between the Malays and the non-Malays.

The government has created the racial tensions over these years. Malaysians has become religions fanatic. Instead of growing the economies, the government creates and implements restrictions to the non Malays enterprises. For example, certain business licenses and government contracts is only applicable by enterprises own by the Malay.

Efforts is wasted in focusing on racial competitions instead of growing the nation.

3. Devaluation of Ringgit Malaysia against Singapore Dollar
Over the years, Ringgit Malaysia has depreciated against Singapore from MYR1.00:SGD1.00 to MYR2.60:SGD1:00 as of today.

Malaysia Government has recorded more than 15 years of deficit budget since 1999 till 2013. The government is cutting subsidy on electricity, petrol, sugar and other necessities to keep the deficit at the low level. GST is the last card of government in turning around the situations.

I am not convinced that the such measurement is able to make the situations better in near term. But one thing for sure is Malaysians is going to suffer over the super inflation rally.

4. Crimes, Corruptions & Poor Public Transportation System is also the major drawback when comparing Malaysia against Singapore

5 Malaysia is heaven for retirees

If you are not an employee, Malaysia beat Singapore flat in term of place to stay.
Kuala Lumpur has terrible traffic jams, but it happens on peak hours only (7:30-9:00am & 5:00-7:30pm).
Metropolis like Kuala Lumpur is a world class city comparable to Singapore in term of city shopping, medical as well as variety of foods but at much lower cost. And it is much affordable for one to own an apartment and a car in Malaysia than Singapore. It is possible for a middle class to own a landed house in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur, but it is almost impossible to do the same in Singapore.

Not forgetting Malaysia is a much bigger country compare to Singapore with many tourism destinations and attractions.
Malaysia is definitely a heaven for live, play, relax & enjoy.

After weighing all the pros and cons between Malaysia and Singapore,  I have decided to settle down in Malaysia even though I still need to work. But, I will plan to invest a portion of my wealth in Singapore to hedge against the inflation and the continue devaluation of Ringgit Malaysia.

This is my plan, what about yours?

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