Sunday, July 27, 2014


In March 2014, M-REIT were facing strong sell down, namely AMFIRST, QCAPITA, KLCC, CMMT, UOAREIT, IGBREIT, SUNREIT, ARREIT & YTLREIT.

Most of the share price of the mentioned M-REIT have recovered except AMFIRST, YTLREIT & ARREIT.

As a retail investor, buying stock at discount is my key strategy. I have bought in all the above mentioned REITs in March and are still holding on due to their steady dividend payout.

AMFIRST is my first choice as compared to YTLREIT & ARREIT are due to reasons as below.

AMFIRST is a REIT that is backed by Arab Malayan Bank Berhad and is also a business entity that JV with ARA which is owned by Hong Kong property tycoon Li Kah Seng.

ARREIT is a GLC (Government Linked Company) company. The dividend pay out is declining since 2 years ago.

YTLREIT is the only hospitality REIT in Malaysia, and the recent passenger flights tragedy especially the MAS MH370 & MH17 is definitely not helping the industry.

In summary, I will be accumulating AMFIRST at RM0.94. Let's see what turn out in the future.


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