Monday, November 21, 2016

Time to change

Work life balance is always one of my top priorities back in 2007.

I wanted to pursue my desire life styles, do what I enjoy and spend quality moments with my love ones.

However the priority has been deviated along the way when we progress at workplace as well as entering different stages in life.

Because I am passionate about my work,  I do not and have no intention to draw a line between work life and after work life.

And due to this, I have put in more and more efforts and time to my office. 

Looking back, I have spent more than 12 hours to my work for more than 24 months. 

I am a little bit tired now and felt that it is time to adjust for a betterment.

Maybe I shall thanks to the "adversity" that trigger me to reconsider on how I move on from now.

This is a matter that worth to put some serious thought.

Back to basic and change.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Honeybees hive being burnt due to human selfishness

During one of the evening of last week, my daughter called me with very serious voice, "Dad, there are hundreds of honeybees flying around a tree near our house."
I told her and her mom to be calm. Honeybees are just insects where they create no harm but good to human. In 30 minutes later, she called me again, telling me that the honeybees built their hive in 30 minutes.
It is amazing. I am glad that my kids are able to witness this natural phenomenon.
Two days passed, it was the nightmare of these honeybees. One of the resident raised their concern over the hive. He or she worries that their kids are having risk of being stung.
The committee members of the neighborhood instantaneously called the authority (BOMBA) to remove the honeybee hive, without even identify what kind of bee hive that they are referring.
A few of the residents including me were protesting the removal of honeybee hive but nothing can be done. Human is just too ego and ignorance. we put ourselves superior than any other kind of life in this world.  
None of them care if the honeybees will escape from the hive when the hive is burnt by the flame. Hundred of honeybees life is being taken away with a simple proposal, which is worrying of the safety of the kid, and being approved within seconds without finding facts and concern of these "hundreds" of life.
At the same day evening, the big scale murder was executed. Hundred of honeybees were burnt to death in their hive.
We, human, being really selfish, ignorance and apathy.
Rest in peace, hundred of the honeybees.
The next morning, we found a few of the survivors. They lost their hive, and they temporary occupy a corner of my garden as shelter.
Human, we are not super power, nor we are superior.
Live in peace with the rest of the God made creatures.
We, human, is just one of the God creation.


Selfish and Careless Nissan Sentra Driver WGQ6208

As usual, the urban streets in one of the Klang Valley townships are busy and full with vehicles, and many of the cars are double parks.
The driver of Nissan Sentra WGQ6208 is believed to be overshot to the auto accessories shop he wanted to drop by. Instead of making a turn, which will not cause him much time, he was reversing his car along the street that were packed with double parked cars.
I was just behind this selfish driver. Trying to reverse park my car. It took me a while as the road was narrowed with double parked car. The Nissan Sentra WGQ6208 driver did not care about the road safety, he just reverse his vehicle, going very close to my car, even thought I have put up the "honk" as signal for him to stop. This selfish driver did not stop, and his vehicle go backward all the way to almost hit my car.
Shame of you, Nissan Sentra WGQ6208 driver.


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