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The Economical Alternative of Toys "R" Us

Where do you shop for toys these days?
I suppose Toys "R" Us outlets will be the most popular answer among the Klang Valley folks.

Hypermarkets will definitely not in my option because I don't like to search around the giant maze for a toy. Furthermore I found the selection is rather limited in hypermarkets as compared with Toys "R" Us.

I was looking for Monopoly board game for my kids last week. I really have got no idea where can I get it except Toys "R" Us. But, I find it very troublesome for me to drive to a shopping complex just to purchase a Monopoly board game. Just imagine I need to drive cross the highway, locate a parking (most challenging part), walk in the crowds, queue up to pay car parking fee at Auto car park station, drive out from Multi storeys car park, etc.

I keep an eyes on Speedmart 99, statonary shops, groceries shops, etc. None of them is carrying Monopoly board game. Until I found the toy shop in Puchong Utama (see picture below).

The toy shop occupied 2 shop lots area. The entrance is not attractive, but the stuffs inside the toy shop is very complete and attractive. To add on, the price tag of the items displayed are more affordable.

Board games, chess, monopoly (various editions)

Bicycles. remote control toy cars, aeroplanes, helicopters.

Various types of models like guns, swords, etc.

The address & contact of this toy shop is as below:

No.59-61 Jalan PU 7/4
Puchong Utama
47100 Puchong
Tel/Fax: +603-8068 1990


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