Friday, September 25, 2009

Is work from home doable?

As promised in my previous post 'Working in Small Office Home Office (SOHO) For A Day', this post is all about my view after working at home for a day on 23rd September 2009.

1. Gain more hours in a day by eliminating traveling time to and fro from office.
During work day, my wake up time is at 6:00am. I left my house at around 7:00am and jam all the way along the journey to the office especially before and right after the LDP Sunway toll. It takes up approximately 3 hours per day on travelling time to and fro from work. Driving in Klang Valley at peak hours is not something enjoyable, it is very stressful indeed.

I wake up at 7:00am and start working at around 7:15am after I made myself a cup of hot coffee and a slice of bread. While most of the workers jammed up at the road, I had already started my work.

2. Maintain peak performance all day long
Since secondary school time, I found myself work best at the morning hours from 8:00am to 11:00am. This is also part of the reason I get very mad while stucked in the traffic jam at this period because I am losing the key hours of the day due to the ineffiency of the government.

After the midday meal, we tend to be sleepy and less productive. If you work from home, what best is you can relax yourself at the living hall by listening to music or you are also having a luxury option to go for an afternoon nap for 15 minutes that will definitely boost your performance to the peak for the rest of the day.

3. Full control on the schedule
If you are operating in a SOHO environment, you have full control on your time. Unlike the corporate environment where most of time is spent in meetings, discussions or adhoc enquiries which is treated as something super urgent and important but in real fact, it is just another low priority request from someone 'big' in the organisation.

I managed to work on my priority list as per planned with almost zero interruption while I worked from home.

Do you find yourself very unproductive even though you spent 12 hours a day in the office? The above might be the answer.

4. Work life balance & Healthy lifestyle
This may be the one of the major reason that drives the SOHO lifestyle especially in the western country. I stopped my work at 5:30pm and went for exercise with my wife and kids at the playground nearby.

I have done a survey and found that the most of the us who stay in Klang Valley arrived home from work is at evening hours after 7:00pm.

On 23rd September, I have already had my dinner at 7:00pm. I found myself energetic, stress free and closer to the family.

Do you think work from home is something doable?
In my view, companies in Malaysia shall provide such flexibility as it is a way to increase competitiveness as well as productivity at no cost incurred (in fact cost down). A part form that, I curse the road traffic system in Malaysia. The government is sinful because the hopeless road traffic system is burning our life and money (gasoline) and yet we got no choice but to pay for the toll and head on to the jam.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How does Google Adsense Pay Cheque looks like?

Google Adsense has become something very popular among bloggers. Many of my friends who are casual bloggers like me have also joined the Google Adsense program with the hope to make some pocket money from the blog.

Majority of them do not received their first pay cheque from Google Adsense yet even the Adsense code has been added into their blog for more than a year. These blogs enjoy average 1 click per 1,000 page impressions, thus it could really take a long while for them to receive their very first Google Adsense pay cheque.

If you are a casual blogger and yet to qualify for the very first pay cheque from Google Adsense, this is how Google Adsense pay cheque looks like.

I have registered 3 blogs with
Collection of  health hints and beauty tips on a wide range of subjects for life improvement and healthy living.

Casual blog of mine and also collection of articles on personal growth, self improvement, self-help and personal power.

Reviews and experience sharing blog for Industrial Inkjet Printer and Large Format Printer (Plotter).

Out of these 3 blogs, 90% of the Adsense income is generated through the Industrial Marking & Coding and Large Format Printing Technologies blog because of its niche contents.

In my opinion, Google Adsense program works well with niche content blogs but it is tough to see result in casual blogs. What do you think? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working in Small Office Home Office (SOHO) For A Day

I am on leave today (23rd September 2009), but due to the day time career commitment, I need to ensure tasks are accomplished before the set datelines. Due to this reason, I have no choice but to work at home.

Since I always believe that with the modern technology, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) concept is practical and doable, hence I have decided to work at home and see if SOHO concept works for me.

Some facilities that available at my SOHO office:
1. Internet connection (TM Streamyx)
2. Mobile phone (Maxis)
3. Notebook computer

The dining table at my living hall serves as my workstation. I have already started working at local time 7:30am.

I shall share with you my Small Office Home Office (SOHO) lifestyle in the coming post at this blog soon.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

How fast does time pass?

During my bachelorhood, I always thought that I am young and there are still many goals in life to be achieved before giving some priority to the family.

I have not noticed how fast does time pass until I become a father-of-two. The fast progress of my 2 growing up kids has signaled me that time is passing really fast.

How fast does time pass? My answer would be time is passing at light speed.

There is nothing we can do to slow down the time passing speed. As a son, husband and father, below are some reminders I listed down for myself.

1. Spend time with the kids when they need you most. A kid will never be able return to the baby stage once it passed. Go through their growing up stages in life with them. After all, they will start to be independent and treasure their very own life after their college study.

2. Take care of the parents while they are still around. It is too late to regret when one has left the world.

3. Love your spouse as he or she is the only one who will be going through the remaining stages of your life with you. That's why the definition of spouse is life partner.


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