Saturday, June 27, 2009

HP Designjet 'True-to-life' On-line Quiz

I participated the HP Designjet 'True-to-life' online quiz on end May 2009 with the intention of winning one of the fabulous prizes offered by HP.

Among all the prizes, the most attractive prize is the Sony Ericsson mobile phone. HP Designjet is the brand name of HP wide format printer, similar to Canon imagePROGRAF and Epson Stylus Pro large format printer.

As wide format printer or plotter is not a consumer product, I guess the odd of winning one of these prizes is going to be on my side.

Yes, a month later, I received a phone call from AD Innovation (M) Sdn Bhd (HP program centre) that I won a Sony MP3 player. Within a week, the Sony MP3 player received.

Below are some brief specifications of the Sony MP3 player NWZ-B135:
  • plays MP3, WMA, and protected WMA files
  • 2GB embedded memory holds approximately
    • 32 hours of music at 128 Kbps (average MP3 quality)
    • 16 hours at 256 Kbps (higher MP3 quality)
    • other bitrates also supported
  • 3-line backlit LCD screen
  • repeat and random play
  • FM tuner with 30 presets
  • voice and FM recording
  • high-speed USB interface
  • earbud headphones
  • up to 16 hours playback with built-in rechargeable battery
  • weight: 1.02 oz.
  • 3-9/16"W x 15/16"H x 5/8"D
Besides playing songs, this gadget serve as radio and voice recorder as well.

Friday, June 26, 2009

American doctor vs Chinese doctor

While in China , a New York businessman is very sexually promiscuous and does not use a condom all the time he is there.

A week after arriving back home in the States, he wakes one morning to find his penis covered with bright green and purple spots.

Horrified, he immediately goes to see a doctor.

The doctor, never having seen anything like this before, orders some tests and tells the man to return in two days for the results.

The man returns a couple of days later and the doctor says, 'I've got bad news for you, you've contracted Mongolian VD. It's very rare and almost unheard of here, we know very little about it.'

The man looks a little perplexed and says, 'Well, give me a shot or something and fix me up, Doc.'

The doctor answers, 'I'm sorry, there's no known cure. We're going to have to amputate your penis.'

The man screams in horror, 'Absolutely not! I want a second opinion.'

The doctor replies, 'Well, it's your choice. Go ahead, if you want but surgery is your only choice.'

The next day, the man seeks out a Chinese doctor, figuring that he'll know more about the disease. The Chinese doctor examines his penis and proclaims,
'Ah, yes, Mongolian VD. Vewy ware disease.'

The guy says to the doctor, 'Yeah, yeah, I already know that but what can we do? My American doctor wants to operate and amputate my penis!'

The Chinese doctor shakes his head and laughs. 'Stupid American doctor, always want to operate. Make more money that way. No need to amputate!'

Oh, Thank God!' the man replies.

'Yes,' says the Chinese doctor, 'Wait two weeks. Fall off by itself!'

Friday, June 19, 2009

Charity donation for Loke Kai Xin

I came to know this news from a forwarded email. Please read on and spread this news out as it will save one precious life.

Loke Kai Xin was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia when she was three months old and a Kasai procedure (hepatoportoenterostomy) was done way back in February 2009. Unfortunately, the procedure did not cure her condition and she was advised to go for a liver transplant as her last and only option.

Due to underweight, she was advised by UM Specialist Centre (UMSC), Malaysia to seek medical help from Singapore. After the first pre-assessment at National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH), both parents were found to be suitable candidate donors for Kai Xin. Both parents were in NUH on 1st of June 2009 for the second pre-assessment to confirm and determine their suitability to be the donors.

The total cost including post-operations and follow up is expected to be around RM500K which is equivalent to 200K Singapore Dollars (pre-assessment, liver transplant, post operations, follow ups & etc) or more due to her age.

This amount is just too expensive for them to bear in full; therefore they are appealing for your help. Follow the latest progress at:

How to donate?

a. via Maybank Berhad
A fund has been set-up for Kai Xin with the following bank account details. For those who are keen, kindly deposit your donations (cash or cheque) in favour of:

Name: Loke Kai Xin
Maybank Berhad A/C No.: 1-14013-213313

Note: If you are transferring via ATM or Maybank2u, you will see the name Lee Huey Jing appearing for confirmation instead.

b. via Yayasan Sin Chew
1. Issue a cheque to Yayasan Sin Chew.

2. Behind the cheque, please state beneficiary name's, in this case, Loke Kai Xin; and donor's details ie. Chinese/English name, NRIC, address and contact number.

3. Yayasan Sin Chew will mail the donor the official receipt for the contribution after clearance of the cheque. For cash donations, receipt will be issue immediately.

4. Send or submit your cheque to:
19 Jalan Semangat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Yayasan Sin Chew opens from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.
For enquiry, please contact: 03-79658888/79658675 (Yayasan Sin Chew).

Yayasan Sin Chew will facilitate the contributions received and will liaise directly with the hospital on the payment of the costs. In the event there is any excess after the payments have been made, the balance of the donations received will be channeled to other charity.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blood donation

There is a blood donation drive at the company I work for on the coming 2nd July 2009. It was almost 10 years since my last donation of blood.

I've asked around a few of my peers if they will join me as a blood donor. The feedback were just very negative as they seems to be not keen at all. I was turned down by them totally.

I look at this blood donation campaign as a golden opportunity to do some charity as the hospital crew is coming to the doorstep and what we need to do is just lay on the bed, relax and you're done. Honestly, I've forbear towards blood, but it can be easily overcome by keeping my eyes away from the red color precious human fluid. End of the day, there is not a big deal of some small pain where in return it saves life.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Gift: Photo Album

All these while, my perception toward Father's Day is it has turned too commercial. The businessmen has made the Father's Day an avenue for them to make big bucks. The young ones are influenced by the commercial ads to treat the father with luxury dinner, promoting items with premium price as Father's Day gifts, so on and so forth. Resulted the meaningful day has not really reflects value of recognizing the Fathers. It is just another big day with big time celebration.

To me, all the gifts and treatment on Father's Day alone are something very surface. What the fathers' care about us shall be our health, wellness, marriage and career. So, if one still keep his or her father worrying, the gifts and meal treatment are just worthless. To take care of your father, the first thing is making sure you are take good care of yourself.

Both of my father and mother are retirees, to ensure both of them are still financial stable, I have give no priority to material things like car, oversea holidays and stuffs like that.

Few months ago, while we were in our hometown, I found a stack of old photos of my father. I showed it to him immediately and he just can't wait to share with me the stories of his mother, childhood and school life.

I've made a spontaneous decision to take the photos back to KL and to convert them into digital files. So happen, not long after I came back to KL, I was exposed to the new photo album/ photo book concept, Canonfoto. I believe by taking another step from converting the old photos to digital files, it would be more impressive if all the precious black and white photos are printed out nicely as a photo book or photo album with proper binding.

Below are the steps of making a Canonfoto Album:
1. Scan all the black and white photos in gray scale with 600 X 600dpi.
2. Compiled it via the Canonfoto software and burn it into CD.
3. Send it to one of the Canonfoto ksiok.

Since upon completion of the album production, it will be courier to the customer receiving address, to give my father a surprise, I have put his name as recipient.

Within 8 working days, the album is delivered to my father. The album itself as well as the outer carton packaging is impressive enough to serve as a present.

Well, both my father and my mother were surprised and delighted. Again, with the photo album in hand, my father was sharing all his old stories with me, my wife and his elder granddaughter.

That's the Father's Day gift of mine, what about yours?

Monday, June 01, 2009

A night with a lost baby sparrow

It was an excited Sunday for both of my daughters as they have spent an evening with a baby sparrow that was lost and taken care by us for a night.

We found a baby sparrow at around 6:00pm at our garden. The pity baby sparrow was struggled to fly and going no where. Both of my kids were much delighted as it was unusual to see a bird running around at the garden.

My wife then brought both of them after some physical workouts. It was already near 8:00pm, the lost baby sparrow was standing still at the main gate of the car pouch. I noticed the baby sparrow was sort of looking out for its family member (probably the mother sparrow). I quickly walked up to my room, got my wife and my two daughters down to the car porch to have a look on the scenario.

The baby sparrow was sleeping. My wife had decided to give some warm to the baby sparrow. Together with my mother, my wife had prepared a modern nest using a Tupperware and some tissue papers. My father then carried the baby sparrow to its Tupperware. After putting in a small cup of water and some rice (hopefully the baby sparrow will help itself), we left it at the living hall.

My two daughters were cheered by the baby sparrow, both of them were talking and playing with the baby sparrow the whole evening. We put on some extra tissue papers to ensure the baby sparrow would not get cold thorough the night. Yes, the baby sparrow was having a good sleep, at least this baby slept longer hour than me. Before I went to bed, I saw it was already sleeping. The next day morning, the baby sparrow was still sleeping while I was making myself a cup of coffee.

According to my father, the baby sparrow was flying back with an adult sparrow not long after we placed it at the garden at around 7:00am. The night was not easy for the baby sparrow as this might be the first night that it was not with the sparrow family but with the human family.
I believe the baby sparrow and the mother sparrow shall be extremely happy while both of them found each other in the morning. Well, all the best to the baby sparrow, stay safe and healthy!


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