Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Annoying Neigbor - Inconsiderate selfish smoker

My kids love holidays.The main reason is they love their mom so much, they like to be with their mom whole day long.

As usual, while my wife is preparing lunch at the kitchen, I will do some out door activities with both of them at the garden like playing badminton, cycling, watching insects, gardening or just hang around the garden.

During holiday time, one of my neighbor will have many relatives visiting them and some may stay with them for a while. None of the family member of my neighbor is smoking, but most of their visiting relatives are smokers. I strongly against  passive smoking, and to me if anyone is smoking at the public area, I will conclude one as an extremely selfish person; because passive smoking kills.

I was playing badminton with my elder kid while the younger one is cycling around the garden. The visitor of the neighbor came out from the house. He is a middle age man, and I am betting on his common courtesy that might stop him from smoking while kids next-door are having fun at the garden. I was wrong, this selfish guy just  light on the hazardous cigarette stick without further thought.

The morning activities was ruined by the selfish smoker. An inconsiderate selfish man.

Shame on him!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

MYR400,000 Annual Income

I was having a coffee break with my colleague. He asked, "What will you do if you are earning MYR400k annual income?"
MYR400,000 is a big amount. I did not answered right away. I asked him, "Is such income sustainable in the coming years? If yes, will it need alot of hard work to sustain it?".

The answers were as expected. The MYR400k income will be sustainable and not much scarification is needed to earn such active income in coming years.

The key word here is sustainability. I suggested that the excess money (Annual Income of MYR400k minus all the annual living expenses) shall be spent on settling the long term debt such as mortgage loan and car loan. The next step would be going parallel with investment to generate passive income and spend on upgrading of the lifestyle such as  getting a bigger house at a more strategic location that provides better conveniences  or rewarding yourself with a better car that provides excellent driving experience and safety.

If one living on prudent lifestyle, he or she will takes less than 3-year time to become a millionaire with the annual income of  MYR400k. Frankly speaking,  I have never dream of earning so much in a year.

I wish my colleague will achieve his MYR400k annual income goal soon. 


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