Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 119 - 2565g, CPAP, Pneumonia

Hao, you have weight drop today. It is 95g decreased in 2 days time. We were very worry.

You have a lot of secretion which we believe is due to the pneumonia. The good sign is your oxygen setting is lowering down as we believe you are recovering.

You will encounter apnea during suction procedure. And this phenomenon occurs very often since you caught in pneumonia. 

You were staring at your mom while she was soothing you. Your big eyes are shinning and dark. You utter voices like talking to her.  

You are strong fighter. You inspired me. You make me stronger and a better person.

The colorful world is waiting for you out there. Get well soon and go see the world.

God's bless.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 117 - 2640g, CPAP, Blood transfusion

Boy, you are sick now.

You have several apnea incidents yesterday and in the midnight you were put up with CPAP.

Your left lung were detected with milk that cause by reflux on 21-sep. It is recovered as per today X-ray. But now your right lung is detected with milk.

You are also having blood transfusion. This is because of the drop of your hemoglobin in your blood.

The doctor has also change the antibiotic that covers wider range of infections. I guess they have no clue on what makes your situation deteriorate yet.

Stay strong boy and we will pray for God's mercy on your recovery.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 115 - 2580g, pneumonia, reflux

Boy, you are suffering from pneumonia. It is due to the back flow of the milk from your stomach to your throat, and then the milk was sucked into your air way. 

We believe this is due to the carelessness of the NICU. Your mom spent 9 hours at hospital yesterday. I can see she is very worry about you.

You are on antibiotic and the setting of oxygen air blender is high. Flow at 3.0 and oxygen at 40%.

Doctor has reduced your milk feeding to 50ml maximum per serving. Boy, drink slow. Drinking too fast will cause air captured in stomach and back flow of the milk from stomach to throat.

Please pray that you will get over the pneumonia soonest and get healthy.

God's bless!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 114 - Apnea, resumed oxygen air blender

Boy, you were suffering from Apnea this morning. You were resumed with oxygen air blender aid and is on antibiotic now.

According to the nurse, put you on antibiotic is kind of standard procedure.

Most of the apnea for preterm babies will resolve at 44 weeks of postconceptional age. 

Today, you are 44 weeks and 2 days of postconceptional age. Understand you are extreme low birth weight 28 weeker, I really hope your apnea will resolve soon.

Papa really hope to can get well by October. We want to bring you home.

Stay strong boy. Papa love you.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 112 - 2530g, off from oxygen air blender

Boy, you have good weight gain. The curve of your weight over days is steep. Good progress boy.

The doctor has taken away the oxygen air blender this morning. This is a trial. If you do well, you will no longer need the oxygen air blender, and very soon you will be scheduled for hernia repair surgery.

Boy, papa believe you will make it. And you will be doing well without oxygen aid.

You were with intubation ventilator for too long. That's why the dependency of oxygen flow become your behavior.  

You need to learn on steady breathing and with consistent rythm.

Try your best son. You can!

God's bless!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 108 - 2360g, stop breathing

Boy, you are gaining weight persistently. It is indeed a good progress.

Doctor Choo visited you in the morning. He told your mom that you are doing well, just a matter of time.

You are now on demand feeding. Understand that the nurses are feeding you in between 80-100ml.

You drink too fast. This is the general comment from all the nurses. And after you drink, you may get tired, resulted desaturation sometimes.

You were not breathing yesterday midnight. It was after you taken the 100ml milk. 

Drink slow boy. Remember to breathe.

Get well soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 106 - 2285g, ROP eye exam, on demand feeding

Boy, you gained quite a bit of weight. Hope the weight gain is directly contributed to your new lung cells where it will resolve your chronic lung disease.

You are still on oxygen air blender. The setting of the air flow is at 1 now. 

The nurse said you often forget to breathe when you drink milk. And you drink really fast. You are also tend to forget that you need to breathe when you shit. She said you only started to resume your breathing when you are done.

You are on on-demand feeding now. It means on top of your 60ml every 2 hours schedule feeding, as and when you cry for milk, the nurse will feed you.

On the eye exam, you are basically confirmed free from ROP as of now. A follow up exam will be carried out in another 6 months time.

Boy, remember to breathe. And breathe steadily.

God's bless!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day 102- 2140g, stopped Ursodeoxycholic acid

Baby Hao, you gained 100g in the last 3 days. You are suffering with chronic lung disease, the only way to recover is to grow your lung, where the new cells of the lung is more capable in exchanging oxygen. 

To do that, the weight does critical matter. You need to continue to gain weight at faster pace. 

Your mom received a phone call from NICU, the doctor told her that you were suffering from desaturation and it was do bad that until the doctor decided to put you back in CPAP. It was happened on last Sunday evening, and you were on oxygen air blender on the Monday morning.

It was caused by stomach upset/ bloating , I guess. The the abdomen is pushing up, it create pressure to the lung. It resulted difficulties in expansion, hence directly affecting the oxygen saturation. However, it is just my guess.

What lead to bloating? It is because you drink too fast. I can't expect you to comprehend what I said to you now, but I hope that when you read my post now, you listen to my advise that you need to chew your foods thoroughly before you swallow. It will be great for your digestion system and many other benefits.

I need you to get well soon and get home in October. Both your sisters accompany us in every of our visitation. And till now, they are yet to have a chance up see you. They are very supportive, and I really hope they will have enough sleep after you get home. And, I believe you will like them very much. 

Doctor has put up order to stop your Ursodeoxycholic acid medication. It is indeed a good news.

Boy, be a man. Fight like a warrior and get well soonest.

Love you boy.

God's bless!

Saturday, September 05, 2015



Day 99 - 2040g, no more feeding line

Boy, you gained 40g over the last 2 days. You are at 1240g now.

You are now only attached with the oxygen air blender tube that is close to your nose.

The line feeding tube has been taken off from your mouth. You are good in sucking the feeding bottle now, but you drink a bit too fast.

With the removal of the line feeding tube, you shall be more comfortable now. 

You will be able to go back home after your lung & liver are matured and after the hernia repair procedure.

Rest well and stay strong boy.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day 97 - 2000g, 45ml milk, Oxygen Air Blender

Boy, you achieved 2000g today. A remarkable achievement and it is worth celebrating.

I believe the strong weight gain for the past few days is due to the strategy that the NICU apply on you, where you are continued to be assisted with air oxygen blender with air flow at 2-3 as well as adjusting the oxygen to 22-23% as and when you are tired. This is to ensure that most of your energy is utilizes to gain weight.

The nurses also tight you to prevent you from making too much motion. You know, you are known to be very active and strong at NICU since long long time ago.

Your mom also contribute in calming you down by breast feeding and kangaroo care. You sleep well after every session of  skin to skin contact with her.

Hao, continue to do well and stay strong.

God's bless!


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