Monday, December 21, 2009

What can we do to combat global warming?

While the world leaders are attending to the COP15 Copenhagen (United Nation Climate Change Conference) in the effort to combat global warming, ordinary civilian like us has got a choice to either play our role pro-actively or just sit back, wait and see.

What can we do to combat global warming?

1. Convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to oxygen (O2)
Carbon dioxide is one of the most important contributor to the greenhouse effect among all the greenhouse gasses. The good news is the carbon dioxide can be converted to oxygen by plants via photosynthesis process. Plants play a role as the carbon sinks by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Everyone can play a part by planting trees or potted plants.

If you are staying in a landed house, please do not convert the garden to the extended car porch. Reserve the green and plant trees.

For apartments or condominiums residents, potted plants will be a good option for you. Effort does not stop in the house, put up 2 or 3 potted plants at your workstation in the office to maximise your contribution.

A part from converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, plants is also a good air filter especially in improving the indoor air quality as it is helpful in eliminating toxic gasses.

2. Buying green
Buying green is a wide topic for serious discussion. In my personal opinion, buying green is not good enough, the better option is not buying anything if the old ones still functionally well.

Let's take television for an example, changing from a CRT television to LCD television is considerable. But, changing a LCD television to a HD LCD television is kind of inconsiderate to the environment. The rational is a CRT television consumed higher wattage (power) as compared to a LCD television, and it generates harmful radiation which LCD TV don't, the benefits is justifiable for a change.

Manufacturing processes cause the carbon dioxide emmision. When a product is in demand, the manufacturer which serves as the supply will produce and fulfil the need, and this contributed to the emmission of carbon dioxide and consume resources.

Take handphone manufacturing as example. The main processor of the mobile phone may be manufactured in US. the other electrical and plastic components are manufactured in Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Thailand. The assembly process in taken place in Indonesia. The end products are then sent to US for worldwide distribution. Based on this scenario, we can conclude that gadget such as handphone is a  high carbon footprint product. Handphone industry alone may have contributed to thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emmission.

When we are making buying decision, please consider the pre and post carbon footprint of the product.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

BJTOTO (1562) Acquisition

Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad (BJTOTO 1562) has hit its all time low at 4.11 today and closed at 4.18. The falls is suspected to be caused by the uncertainty of its dividend policy. BJTOTO has not been paying dividend for 2 quarters in a row.

With PE ratio at around 13.50 and dividend yield at 6%, and it is at all time low, I have make a BUY call today and expecting the BJTOTO stock price to be at above rm4.40 level in another 6 months period (June 2010).

It will soon trigger the STRONG BUY call to me upon BJTOTO stock price falls below rm4.00.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lim Kok Wing University- Dangerous ( Chinese and English version)

A forwarded email written by Lim Teng Seng. Can anyone confirm if this is really happening or it is just an attempt to sabotage Lim Kok Wing University College.

Lim Teng Seng advice and suggest that all the local parents do not send their child to this college!

With love and gratitude always

To all mothers with teenage and young daughters.

Beware of local university's African students...! ! Please pass the news and warn the parents, government, students and society.

This is true and all happened within these two years!

I have a friend's daughter who is studying in Limkokwing University , and she was kidnapped by a Botswana student studying there as well. The African is 37 years old!

The daughter was kidnapped and managed to escape from that African. However, she had been raped, beaten, tied up and punched by the man. That bastard even got his African friends (Botswana students too) to rape the daughter. Now the daughter is in trauma.

Because of this case, I have investigated amongst the Limkokwing students, and there are more serious cases that had been happening within these two years. Please read and spread the news to your friends, it's not rumours. Trust me, or you may ask any of the Limkokwing students!

I am sad as it is all covered up by the Limkokwing's president - Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing.

The covered issues about Botswana students (African black):
(1) They take drugs in the University toilet and had been caught by security guard. However the president warned the guard not to spread the news.

(2) They take drugs in the university's event, especially in the Orientation night organized by the students' society and faculty. The lecturers saw the incident and they tried to stop, but they like to use the same sentence too against the lecturers: 'who the f*ck you are, we paid to Tan Sri and Tan Sri paid you, just shut up!'

(3) They get drunk and many accidents happened in Cyberjaya (too many accidents, you can check with the police station)

(4) They keep drugs in their apartments, i.e. Desa Ria, and even bring drugs to class. In the University party in Desa Ria, they took drugs and alcohol (Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing's daughter was there too).

(5) They disturb the female students, especially the Malay and Chinese students. They just take away and use their handphones without asking for permission (means they just grab!). The girls always feel scared and just keep silent as they do not know what the Botswana students (Africans) will do to them.

(6) There are classes in which of the students' population is 70% Botswana students. They do not pay attention and cannot keep quiet in the class and the local students are disturbed by them. They even argue in the classes (not only once) when the male local students asked them to shut up, end up they fight. Lecturers tried to stop the Botswana students, again, they showed the same respond 'who the f*ck you are, we paid to Tan Sri and Tan Sri paid you, just shut up!'

(7) They love to sexually harass the female students. This statement needs no further explanation! Ask the students!

(8) They do not submit assignments and are late in submitting assignments, but still pass! The concern is they still pass! What kind of quality I wonder? They deserve to repeat and fail. Is it the University policy? Their (African) government paid more to Limkokwing University , so they can pass easily? They don't even follow the lecturers' guideline, how they can pass?

(9) They even act rude to the lecturers. The lecturers just keep quiet.

(10) They scratched the lecturers' cars.

(11) They insulted the students' counsellor in front of the crowd when they not managed to cut queue.

(12) They forced the female students to give their contact numbers.

(13) They gather at their hostel every night and get drunk.

(14) They kidnapped my friend's daughter!

(15) They used Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing's and the vice president's names to cover their ugliness, of which Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing and the vice president knows! They allowed this to happen.

I hope you help to spread the news and I hope there will be a petition to ask the Higher Ministry of Education to look into the African students'
recruitment in Malaysia , especially Limkokwing University . It is already the hell of crime in Cyberjaya.. I am sure the African students bring harm.

If you do not believe, you can ask anyone of the Limkokwing students, and ask them how is the African students' attitude! The dark side of Limkokwing University is all covered up. Please take serious action and discipline the Africans ( Botswana students). Just lodge the police report and do not feel fear! At least we stop them bring harm to our children!

PS: This email is also to tell the management of Limkokwing to take action now. I need the students to spread the email and tell them that it is serious now, and no more covered! Soon we will record the videos and put in YouTube. It is so easy to capture their bad behaviour! STOP GIVING THEM TOO MUCH POWER! STOP COVERING UP FOR THEM!!

Lim Teng Seng




我友人的女儿就读林国荣大学(Limkokwing University),她在就读该间大学期间遭受一名博茨瓦纳学生绑架,这名非洲学生今年37岁。








4..他们在所居住的宿舍中收藏毒品,地点就在蒂沙丽雅花园(Desa Ria),他们甚至将毒品带往教师。在蒂沙丽雅的大学派对中,他们食用毒品和酒精(林国荣的女儿当时也在场)。


6. 在一个拥有70%博茨瓦纳学生的班上,他们不注意听讲,而且在课室中制造喧哗,并且干扰本地学生。他们甚至在班上争吵(不止一次),当本地学生要求他们肃静的时候,结果打起架来。讲师企图阻止这些博茨瓦纳学生,可是,再次的他们回应同样的一句话:「你他妈的是谁!我们付钱给丹斯里林国荣,丹斯里付钱给你,你给我闭嘴!」















Friday, December 04, 2009





2、客廳:客廳空間應比屋內每一個房間大,客廳氣場較盛,家人相處較有凝聚力,家長較能建立領導地位,如果空間不夠大,傢俱不宜擺設太多。                  客廳亦代表一個人的門面,必須時常保持乾淨,茶几不能堆物零亂,電視機不宜太大、太近,否則會有情緒不穩,家人穩感不和的現象。而家中植物不能太多,因植物屬陰,要常剪枯葉及換舊水(髒水葉枯會使家道中落)。客廳的格局以正方形或長方形為佳,沙發椅背後應有靠,上方不可有屋樑(否則易精神緊張)。











Tuesday, December 01, 2009


 An life experience sharing letter from a father to his son.

梁繼璋(1955年8月17日-),英文名Michael, 前香港電台第二台節目主持人,也是一位名DJ、作家, 曾從事廣告、電視台等媒體創作。



(一)人生福禍無常,誰也不知可以活多久, 有些事情還是早一點說好。


(一)對你不好的人,你不要太介懷,在你一生中,沒有人有義務要對你好,除了我和你媽媽。 至於那些對你好的人,你除了要珍惜、感恩外,也請多防備一點,因為,每個人做每件事,總有一個原因,他對你好,未必真的是因為喜歡你,請你必須搞清楚,而不必太快將對方看作真朋友。


(三)生命是短暫的,今日你還在浪費著生命,明日會發覺生命已遠離你了。因此,愈早珍惜生命, 你享受生命的日子也愈多,與其盼望長壽,倒不如早點享受。

(四)世界上並沒有最愛這回事,愛情只是一種霎時的感覺,而這感覺絕對會隨時日、心境而改變。如果你的所謂最愛離開你, 請耐心地等候一下,讓時日慢慢沖洗,讓心靈慢慢沉澱,你的苦就會慢慢淡化。不要過分憧憬愛情的美, 不要過分誇大失戀的悲。

(五)雖然,很多有成就的人士都有受過很多教育,但並不等如不用功讀書,就一定可以成功。你學到的知識, 就是你擁有的武器。 人,可以白手興家,但不可以手無寸鐵,緊記!

(六)我不會要求你供養我下半輩子, 同樣地我也不會供養你的下半輩子,當你長大到可以獨立的時候, 我的責任已經完結。 以後,你要坐巴士還是Benz, 吃魚翅還是粉絲,都要自己負責。

(七)你可以要求自己守信,但不能要求別人守信,你可以要求自己對人好,但不能期待人家對你好。你怎樣對人,並不代表人家就會怎樣對你, 如果看不透這一點, 你只會徒添不必要的煩惱。





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