Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 31 - 1015g, 9ml milk per feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 30%

Oh boy, you have weight lost today. 
You are lighter by 50g as compared to yesterday. Hopefully it is because of the transition between TPN and breast milk feeding.

Your milk feeding has increased to 9ml every 2 hours. Based on your current weight, your full feeding volume shall be 10-12ml. If everything go smoothly, you shall be on full feeding in another 1 or 2 days time.

You continue to improve on your respiration system. You are still on SIPPV mode but the oxygen supply has reduced to 30% from 35% yesterday.

The nurse has put you on prone position to prevent you from pulling off the ventilation tube. Papa know it is not comfortable, but pulling it off is very dangerous. The only way to release from intubation will be get stronger and breathe without ventilator.

Because you are on prone position, you are facing down and unable to see your mom. When she touches you, I can see you wanted to turn around and see her. You are very strong, I can see your hands and legs are trying very hard to turn your body. I know you want to see your mom.

If you are studying in primary school while you read this post, please go back and hug your mom.

If you are studying in secondary school while you read this post, please tell your mom that you will choose your friend carefully and will always behave yourself, give her a hug as well.

If you are studying at college while you read this post, visit her often and date her for lunch, hi teas or dinner. Hug her always.

If you are working, be it still bachelor or married, visit her often, update her that you are healthy and happy. Spend times with her together with your sisters. Give her some hugs.

I can see the bonding between you and her. Both of you love each other so much. 

May this power of love help you to recover soonest and may the power of love nurture your mother's health.

God bless!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 30 - 1060g, 7ml per feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 35%

Baby Hao, you are full moon today. Today is your 30th day in this world.

The doctor has lowered the oxygen supply % to you from 45% to 35%.
You breathing continue to be more stable. 

Papa and mama believe that several factors has contributed to your improvement. 

We believe Bromhexine Hydrochloride has significantly reduced your secretion. Even though as per the nurses your secretion is still thick. 

Another factor could be your weight. You have crossed 1000g, you are now more energetic than when you were at 700-900g.

You are off from antibiotics and resumed with breast milk feeding. The doctor has further increased your feeding volume from 5ml every 2 hours to 7ml every 2 hours. 

You have some weight lost. It is normal as you are cutting down a lot from the total parenteral nutrition (TPN). When you are on full feeding, TPN will not be needed and the CBL long line will be taken out from your right hand. It will definitely make you more comfortable.

Papa, mama, and your 2 sisters went to temple after visiting you in the morning. We pray for your good health and your grandfather speedy recovery from his arm injury. 

Get well soon son, everyone at home is waiting to welcome you home. We miss you.

Be a tough boy, and be faithful to God.

God bless!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 29 - 1075g, 5ml feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 45%

Today is Saturday. Visiting you has become our family event during weekend. 

Because papa is not working on Saturday and Sunday, I can bring your mama, sisters visiting you twice in a day.

You gained 15g today, weighted at 1075g. The breast milk feeding has increased from 3ml to 5ml every 2 hours.

With increased milk intake, I hope you shall be able to gain more weight. 30g per day will be good thought.

You look pinkish today. This is very important as everytime when your skin turned fair (doctors said it is pale while previously I thought it was your skin pigment getting matured), you will have blood transfusion in a day or two.

Papa hopes that your bone marrow is functioning well now so that you will not need any blood transfusion.

Your breathing looks steadier as compared to last few days. Oxygen saturation gets better but still swing up and down sometimes. 

Your stomach looks bloated. But again the nurse said it is ok and you are digesting well.

The line at your left hand has been taken out because it cause your left hand swollen. You are also not given any antibiotics today. Finger crossed and I really hope your mom's breast milk is able to supply you sufficient antibodies.

Everytime your mom touches you, you smile. She said you are a happy little boy.

Stay strong boy, and get stronger everyday.

Have faith in God, pray for God's grace and mercy.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 28 - 1060g, SIPPV Oxygen 45%

Hao, the little man, you are now 4 weeks old. You are 32 weeks old now and doing great!

You continue to gain weight, you are at 1060g today and is very near to reach the 1100g milestone.

Doctor Yip said you are tolerate well with the milk feeding, the volume has increased from 2ml to 3ml every 2 hours today. But your stomach seems to be bloated a little bit.

You have a lot of secretion today. Mama said it could be the effect of Bromhexine Hydrochloride that diluted those thick secretion that stuck in your respiration system and enable the thinner secretion flow out from your lung.

The ventilation oxygen % has slightly wined down from 50% to 45% today. We believe you will be able to improve day by day.

You are considered suffering from Bronchopulmonary Dysplasi (BPD) because you are still unable to breethe by yourself without the help of ventilator after 28 days since born.

What you need to do know is strengthen your lung, breathe steadily, and digest well your mom breast milk.

Stay strong boy.

God bless!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 27 - 1035g, prescribed Bromhexine Hydrochloride

Oh boy, your ventilation setting is still high, oxygen supply at 50%.

Your secretion is very thick, nurses have difficulties in doing suction for you, and your oxygen saturation will drop tremendously when you are disturbed.

There was a visiting consultant in the morning. She precripted you with Bromhexine Hydrochloride. It is a syrup that will make your secretion thinner. The nurses will be dosing you at 0.3ml of Bromhexine Hydrochloride every 8 hours.

Papa & mama hope that the medicine will really help you to clear your lung and eventually improve your respiration.

Your are feeding with 2ml of breast milk every 2 hours. Hopefully your digestion system is coping well now and will be able to move up the feeding volume and achieve full feeding in no time.

Since you received a blood transfusion yesterday, doctor Yip scanned your brain today. Your IVH remain at stage 1 for both side of thebrain. What a relief.

The nurse covered you tight with a blanket, and you sleep very well when we visiting you yesterday evening.

We have some worries because you were normally very active in the incubator. The nurse on the evening shift is preventing you to pull out the tube by yourself.

Papa also think that you should rest more  to recover faster.

Rest well son and get stronger everyday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 26 - 1045g, 6th blood transfusion

You are a naughty boy.
I noticed your ventilator tube has been changed. As per doctor, your tube came out from your mouth when you cough. And as per the nurse, it was pulled out by your itchy hand.

Boy, you are very active. It is a good sign. But can you please do not pull any tubes and wires around your body? Especially the ventilation tube, you still need it to breathe. 

If you think it is not comfortable, exercise your lung as you have only one single task, which is to grow healthily. You need to exercise your lung, breathe properly and rest well. As soon as you can breath without ventilator, the doctor is more than happy to take it off from you.

A part from that, please be cooperative with doctors and nurses when they are performing procedures on you.

You had your sixth blood transfusion today. It could be due to your bone marrow is still immature. It will normally overcome on 37th week of gestation. It means you need another 6 weeks to overcome this. But I do believe you shall be able to make it in less than 4 weeks time.

Because of your itchy hand, you are sort of reintubated. Your ventilation settings are going back to high parameters. Boy, can you stop doing that?

You are a little man. Extreme preterm but with fighting spirit. I shall be confident in you and start to catch up stuffs that I left over for 3 months since your mother pregnancy complication started.

Buddy, be strong, and do not pull the tubes.

God blessing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 25 - I know you miss mom

Hao, our little boy. 

I know you miss your mom very much.

Today the nurse put you at the position that you are facing the ventilator.

Your mama touches you from the other side but you are not able to see her. Like any other days, she talked to you a lot. She give you encouragement and wanted you to grow stronger everyday.

When she walked over to the ventilator side to see you from front, you opened up your eyes, and your raised your right hand wanting to touch her.

Your mama wanted to hold your little hand, but the ventilator is blocking her way. 

I am not sure how old you are when you read this post. Just go hug your mom and hold her hand. She is the closest person to you in this world. No one love you like your mom does. 

I can see your ribs, chest and abdomen are less contracting when you breathe. You are recovering from lung compliance, I guess. This is the good sign as you should get away from intubation as soon as you can.

There is no change on the ventilation parameters as well as oxygen %. I hope it will wean down gradually tomorrow.

You are still on trial breast milk diet. 1ml every 3 hours.

Doctor Choo said your bowel X-Ray looks good. Thus, I believe you will be on full breast milk feeding in days to come.

Son, your mom, both your elder sisters, your grandmom, our friends are praying for your good health.

Have faith in God, and together pray for God mercy for your good health and recovery.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 24 - 1030g, resume feeding, IVH Stage 1

Son, we must say a big thank you to Doctor Khoo and her mentor, Doctor See. Doctor Khoo has changed the intubation tube to a bigger size at 5:30am in view of your thick secretion and your physical weight. 

Your breathing has improved a lot. Your ventilation oxygen % has reduced from 55% to 35%, and your oxygen saturation has improved tremendous. I believe within this week it will be able to reduce further to 21%.

Doctor Choo and Doctor Yip has proceed with scanning of your brain. They confirmed both your brains are developed with IVH stage 1. What a relief to papa and mama.

Doctor Choo has also resume you with breast milk feeding. Started with 1ml every 3 hours. I hope you will do well this round and will be able to achieve full feeding in days to come.

You have increased your weight to 1030g, Doctor Choo said you have slight water retention, hence your nutrien infusion will be adjusted accordinfly. Overall, your weight gain is remarkable.

Son, you are doing well. Papa and mama want you to continue with the strong spirit. 

Stay strong!

Thanks God for assisting my son along the NICU journey. God bless!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 23 - 1020g, 5th blood transfusion, possible IVH stage 2

Today is Father's Day. 
To papa, since your birthday, I am looking forward to see your progress everyday.
Nothing is more important than you.

You have achieved the important milestone, today you are weighed at 1020g. Weight gain of 120g. 

It suppose to be a good news, but I hope it is some technical error instead of other complications that cause the excessive weight gain. You shall be gaining weight at 20-30g per day.

You are still struggling with breathing. I can see higher ventilation setting and the oxygen level is at 55%. Doctor order a lung x-ray and blood transfusion.

The good news is as per Doctor See, your lung looks better from the previous X-ray. We are all hoping your respiration will be better after the blood transfusion.

Doctor Khoo scanned your brand for IVH detection. Your left brain is still maintained at IVH stage 1 while the right brain is suspecting to developement of IVH stage 2. She is unable to confirm the IVH grade of your right brand. Tomorrow the primary doctor will repeat the scan. I hope she is unable to confirm your right brain is either IVH stage 1 or 2 instead of IVH stage 2 or 3.

In the evening, you are still suffering from brearhing despite post blood transfusion. Papa and mama hope you will get better over the night.

Have fate in God. We pray for God's mercy and grace for your good health.

Boy, you need to stay strong.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 22 - 900g, fasting

Son, you achieved another milestone. You have crossed 900g mark. It is amazing that you are able to grow despite you are on fasting, recovering from NEC stage 1 & suffering from chronic lung disease.

Size does matter. You need to grow in order to overcome all the potential challenges. 

Doctor Jaya said your blood gases analysis is good today as compared to yesterday. The Carbon Dioxide level in your blood today is at ~40% while yesterday level was at ~60%.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. I hope to received your good health news as my present.

My boy, you have gone thru much.
I love you.

Day 21 - 871g, lung compliance, fasting

Son, you gained 2g today. Your weight increased from 869g to 871g. 

Like yesterday, during the suction time, your heart beat, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate were gone to very low level.

The nurse pulled out some very thick secretion from your nose. 

We were talking with the standby doctor. Doctor Soon adjust the ventilation setting and increase the oxygen % to 40%.

She said as per your lung X-Ray taken on  15th June, you are considered affected by chronic lung disease.

You need to grow fast to replace the damaged lung cells with new cells. This process will be able to make your lung stronger.

You are also lung compliance. Your chest and stomach muscles are compressed during breathing.

Under such circumstances, you shall be utilizing much of your energy. You are strong, and I believe you will get stronger.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 20 - 869g, still fasting

Son, even though you have bowel movement, and your abdomen is not bloating, to ensure your intestine will be doing well in the next attempt, the nurses will not feed you with breast milk until next Monday.

You gained some weight today. From 840 to 869g. Impressive growth in view with the current circumstances. I hope you will gain another 20-30g tomorrow.

I noticed that when your mother touches your forehead and your face, you will breathe slower and steadier. Just now you open your eyes for long period starring at your mom. I guess you miss her much. Your mom cried when she was having eye contact with you. She wanted you to stay strong and get away from the ventilation and infections.

There was a scary incident this evening. When a nurse performing a routine procedure, she reposition your body before she does suction. Your heart beat drop from 140bpm to 80bpm, oxygen saturation dropped from 96% to 70%, followed by your respiration rate dropped to 20-30.

It get worse off later that your heart rate dropped to 40bpm, oxygen saturation dropped to 60%.

Papa and mama were panic. Very panic, and helpless.

You got stabilized after she sucked out some very thick secretion from the ventilation tube.

Son, remember to inhale, exhale and cough when you have difficulties breathing.

Stay stronger and grow stronger everyday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 19 - 840g, 4th blood transfusion, fasting

Boy, you have another round of blood transfusion today. It is due to your red blood count again.

Even though you have been fasting for few days, you still manage to regain some weight.

The doctor is still yet to resume your breast milk diet, probably it is because they want to ensure you are 100% recovered.

You started to bite your fingers today even though both your hands are intruded with lines.

When you mother touches your forehead, you close your eyes and calm down. I know you can feel that your mom is with you.

Son, stay strong and keep growing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 18 - 800g, fasting

Son, your weight has reduced to 800g. Doctor said you have slight improvement on your bowel, as bloating has slightly reduced and the good news is your abdomen is soft, and there is stools in your pampers.

You are active in the morning. I can see lots of wrinkles over your face and body. Probably you lost your fat during fasting.

In the evening, your skin look so much better, it shall be due to the nutrient infusion. However, you seems to be tired. You are smiling when your mom hold your hand and talk to you. You are so sweet. 

I hope you are recovering from infection and there is no additional infection that cause your tiredness.

My little man, you must remember that you need to be strong, believe in yourself that you will recover soon.

Together with papa, mama, relatives and friends, We pray for the God's mercy and grace for your good health.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 17 - Feeding Intolerance & Lung Collapse

Boy, looks like the doctor decision yesterday that putting you on fast and applying Meropenem is the right decision.

You are very active today. You just look like a full term infant, or even more active than them. Both or hands were swinging here and there, and you are kicking with both your legs.

The doctor put you on SIMV mode this morning. I was so happy because you are progressing well.

The morning doctor said you are recovering from the bloating bowel. The X-ray shows that there are some gas at your intestines, and they are bloated. No leakage found. The doctor will order another X-Ray tomorrow. Meanwhile they are investigating your case from the angle of possible Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC).

Because you are fasting, the doctor need to reinsert the CBL tube, feeding tube. The tube is inserted from your right hand to somewhere near your heart. An X-Ray is filmed after the procedure. From the X-Ray, the doctor found that your right lung has collapsed. 

I believe this is the reason they put you back to SIPPV ventilation mode. 

Papa hope both you will overcome both the feeding intolerance and lung collapse problems in few days time. You are my strong boy.

Stay strong. Papa & mama are with you all the time.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 16 - Oxygen desaturations, bowel problem

Boy, you are struggling in keeping pace of the breathing. You were still alright in the morning, but I can see you struggle a lot in the evening.

The nurse has tried to increase your milk in take to 9ml every 2 hours. But during suction time, they found that there is 4ml left in your stomach.

In the evening the doctor inspected your bowel, there is bowel movement, however it is bloated. Doctor ordered you an X-ray, and will inject you with Meropenem. Let's hope that you do not developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)

They will fast you for tonight, and will resume you with breast milk if your bowel is alright.

It must be tough for you, papa know it.

You are a boy, and I need you to keep moving on.

I trust you will overcome all obstacles and be healthy very soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 15 - 820g, re-intubation SIPPV

Dear Hao, you have been re-intubation today because you did not response well with non NIPPV.

The doctor has put you back to ventilation mode SIPPV.

Papa and mama are very worry because pro-long intubation ventilation may cause some complications.

Your weight has also declined to 820g from 840g. The nurse said it is due to the withdrawal of the feeding tube on your right hand.

You look skinny, your diet is maintained at 8ml of breast milk every 2 hours.

To ensure you have sufficient nutrient from the breast milk, I have bought your mom the formula milk for breast feeding women.

Your eldest sister is preparing the milk with Milo for your mom. She is a good helper.

Stay strong and we are always be with you.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 14 - 840g, Ventilation mode from SIMV to NIPPV

Boy, you are 2 weeks old now. 28weeks in the womb & 2 weeks at Incubator.

You progress very well today.

You gained 35g today, from 805g to 840g.

Doctor confirmed your PDA has resolved by itself.

You are recovering from Intraventricular Hemorrhage Stage 1.

Further increased on your intake of breast milk. 8ml every 2 hours.

You are on extubation now. The doctor has changed your ventilation mode from SIMV mode to NIPPV mode.

The on call doctor at night, Doctor Ong found that your right hand is swollen due to the tubing that supply you nutrien. As you no longer needed it, the tube will be taken out from your right hand tonight as well.

Papa believe you shall feel more comfortable with removing 2 tubes from your body, the ventilation intubation tube & the nutrien supply tube.

Sleep well son.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 13 - 805g, Ventilation from SIPPV to SIMV

Boy, I believe you have fully get over the water retention. Your body weight without  excessive water is at 805g. It is indeed a good news! Now, let's gear toward to cross 900g.

At night, the doctor has changed the ventilation mode from SIPPV to SIMV. I do not comprehend the differences, but the switch from ventilation method SIPPV to SMV is the weaning progress of the ventilation aid.

I have also played you Mozart music. As per some saying in the web, the Mozart music will help you to breathe better while utilizing less energy.

You are also improved the breast milk intake from 6ml yesterday to 7ml every 2 hours today.

You are progressing well. Papa believe you will be doing well and get home soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 12 - 795g, third blood transfusion

You have totally recovered from the water retention. Meantime, your weight has also slightly reduced to 795g.

You are still on conventional ventilator (intubation). I am very worry if your lung or respiration system is having any problem. But doctor keep saying you are doing fine, they just want to assist you as extreme light weight baby like you will need to spend more energy to breathe yourself.

You are coping well with the breast milk. The doctor has increased your milk feeding from 5ml every 2 hours this morning to 6ml every 2 hours in the evening.

The setback today is you need another round of blood transfusion as your red blood count is low again. I hope with the increase intake of breast milk, you will overcome the Anemia very soon.

Son, be strong. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Day 11 - 825g, Apnoea &pending echocardiogram

Your water retention has reduced. 

And surprisingly you also gain your weight from 800g to 825g. This is indeed a good news.

The doctor has increased your milk intake from 2 to 3ml every 2 hours, and further increase from 3 to 4ml every 2 hours at night.

Doctor has ordered a cardiogram to check your heart because they hear some sounds. Doctor James Liew said it is common for preterm infant like you.

I have also witnessed an episode of Apnoea on you. Your heart beat drop from 130bpm to 80bpm then further reduce to 40bpm. It happened within the time frame of 20-30 seconds.

Son, you must remember to breathe. Breathe deeply and with consistent rhythm. I told you exactly on my every visitations.

Stay strong!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Day 10 - Water Retention & Possible False Weigh Gain

Son, you have massive weight gain today. You gain 105g in a day. You are at 805g today.

You have also increase the breast milk intake from 1ml every 2 hours to 2ml every 2 hours.

The doctor has also reduce the ventilator setting to 30bpm. You are coping fine.

The only not so good news is we noticed you have water retention. The weight gain may be a false result due to water retention. 

I hope the water retention will not cause you any harm. Meantime, the doctor has ordered your nutrition with less water contain.

Stay strong and you shall get well soon.
Your mom is expecting you to gain weight until 1kg by end of this week.

It means you have to gain 40g per day assuming your actual weight is 800g as of today.

Sleep well and we shall see. Good night!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Day 9 - Active & Stretching your micro body

Your mom is still very weak because she delivered you via Caeserian section operation. 

In the morning, we decided that only papa will be visiting you in the evening.

While I were on the way to hospital just now, your mom called me three times asking me to bring her along. 

I told her to rest instead. And I have made up my mind to bring her to see you everytime I visit you from tomorrow onward.

You are more active than morning. You keep stretching your body. If not because of your size, I would say your motions is on par with full term baby.

You have gone thru 2 blood transfusions & 1 infection by far. I pray that you will have a smooth path at the NICU and come home just like another full term baby in 1-2 months time.

I know you will make it.

Last but not least, be strong and overcome all obstacles.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Day 9 - 700g & Recovering from infection

You achieved the milestone of 700g.
Your digestion system is coping well with your mama's milk.
Now, the nurse is feeding you 1ml of breast milk every 2 hours.

Breast milk provides you natural antibody which will make you stronger & healthy.

You are recovering from the infection.
We hope this is the first & last infection in NICU.

Doctor will stop supplying you Albumin. They believe your body shall be able to produce Albumin by now.

Doctor Choo said you are doing fine as of today. We know that there is a long journey for you until you are able to discharge from NICU, the estimation is on your due date for delivery, which is 22nd August, 2015.

But papa believes you can beat the estimation. You shall be able to complete your NICU journey by July.

Stay strong!

Day 8 - Recovery from infection

Boy, you are more active as compared to this morning.

Doctor said your urine is clear now, it is still orangy eve thought no visible blood stain.

We hope you are recovering from the infection.

You have just done with the second round of blood transfusion. Your sodium level is low, the doctor is going to feed you with what you are lacking off.

Let's move on and gain some weight.

Meantime, you need to stay strong and believe in God.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 8 - Infection, reddish urine

Papa thought all your complication has over and you shall gain weight again today. 

The bad news is when papa & mama reached NICU, Doctor James Liew said he is about to call us. We knew it must be something not so favorable.

Your urine is reddish in color. Doctor has sent the sample to lab for culture to determine the root cause. Meantime they have started you with a stronger antibiotic.

No wonder you are less active yesterday. Today you seems to be tired as well.

Your weight maintain at 680g today.

Sleep well son, you will be alright soon.
I know you are strong.

Day 7 - Massive Bruise & Weight Gain

When papa & mama were going to sleep yesterday midnight, it was around 12:00am, the NICU called your mama's mobile phone.

She was so anxious, Dr. Khoo called. She informed us that there is a 5cm bruise in your arm, it was due to the mistake from the blood transfusion.

They have continue with the blood transfusion via the tube insert from your leg. Total blood transfusion was 10ml.

Doctor said the NICU has taken all necessary steps upon detected there is a bruise on your arm. So far the main artery of the affected area has no sign of compression.

We were so scared and pain in heart after the phone call. We did not sleep well. The next day morning, around 6:00am I made a call to NICU to check on your status, it was reported fine, and there is no sign of complication that cause by blood transfusion.

I have also visited to the NICU in the morning. Doctor Choo said you are doing fine, except the bruise which is suspected to be caused by the hair line of the tube that inserted thru your lung.

A part from the incident that caused by the blood transfusion, you progress well. 
You have gained some weight. 
Day1: 645gram
Day5: 570gram
Day6: 590gram
Day7: 680gram

Let set some milestone together.
First target is to cross 700g
Followed by 800g, 900g.
Big milestone will be at 1000g.
Then follow by 1.2kg, 1.5kg & 1.8kg.

Another good news is your digestion system has started to accept your mama's milk.

I wish you gain weight steadily & stay healthy.

Be strong!

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Day 6 - Blood Transfusion

Boy, your respiration system continue to do well. The ventilator is now supporting 35bpm instead of 50bpm yesterday.

The nurse also said you did not digest well with your mom's milk.

The medical officer passed me a consent letter for blood transfusion. The reason is your red blood cell is low.

I am worry if the blood transfusion will create complications to you. 

Meanwhile your mild jaundice reoccur.

Son, I know you are strong. But I need you to be stronger.

I have got you your birth certificate today.  The last four digits number is meaningful to you. It means live long. I know you will!

While you are recovering in the incubator, please pray to God for blessing.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Day 5 - Lost weight & Intraventricular Hemorrhage Stage 1

Son, papa & mama went to hospital to see you just now.

Seems like oxygen level at 21% is the lowest, and the ventilation pressure set on you is 12cm2kg. Doctor James Liew said it is very mild, and you are supported with 50 breath per minute.

Doctor is trying to feed your with 0.5 to 1.0ml of milk every 3 hours. The frequency has increased from every 6 hours to 3 hours. I pray that your digestion system will be able to intake your mama's milk well. This is the source of antibodies and main stream of nutrient for you to gain weight.

You are also diagnosed to have Intraventricular Hemorrhage Stage 1. We pray it stop there and you will recover in days to come.

While you are progressing well, you have also lost weight. You are now at 570g. In these 5 days period, you lost 75g. I would like you to gain weight from now onward.

Son, we are proud of you. Be strong!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Day 4 - Tasting First Drop of Mom's Milk

Boy, you continue to do well.
Doctor continue to reduce the ventilation pressure and the oxygen level supply to you has also further reduced to 21%.

Your papa & mama has made an important decision. 

Your mom heart rate & blood pressure gone haywire after one of the junior doctor prescript your mom with a blood pressure medicine that cause her heart rate shot up to 150ppm.

Your mom has higher heart rate than all these while and in view of the lack of attention given by the gynaes, she can't sleep well at hospital, and most importantly we need to prepare you her milk as well as starting her confinement diet, we decided to discharge her.

It is hard decision. Papa hopes what we decided is good for both your mom and you.

Day 3 - Jaundice

Son, you have developed jaundice on your day 3.

Both your elder sisters were having severe jaundice during their infant stage. Both were treated at hospital for around 4-5 days.

I hope you will be fine as doctor said you have mild jaundice.

Today doctor has inserted a tube to somewhere near your heart for nutrien supply.

At the same time, I also overheard that doctor has reduce the ventilation pressure as your lung is progressing better.

Your mom is still having post natal complication and we target to send you mom milk tomorrow.

Stay strong boy!


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