Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fake Egg vs Real Egg

Egg is the most complete source of protein.
As usual, we will prepare half boiled eggs for my family during weekend.

The Village Eggs that bought from wet market

However, when I clean the eggs shell before I put them into the stainless steel mug for soft boiling, I found the eggs look too perfect to be real. It triggers more suspiscous when my wife told me there is some plastic smell released when she opened the cover of stainless steel mug. The eggs were tasteless as well.

The above signs summoned an experiment to clear my doubt.

To test is to compare the suspicous village egg with another farm egg.
The white color egg is village egg, and the brown color egg is farm egg.
Hard boiled both of the eggs.

Village egg and farm egg for comparison

Remove the round (bottom) of the egg shell. Natural egg shal have some air space between the shell and the egg white at the bottom.

Can you see if there is any air space in between the shell and egg white?

What about this one? Is there any air space between the shell and egg white?

The egg shell and the egg white of the village egg leave no air space.
On the other hand, the air space between the egg shell and egg white of the farm egg is clearly visible.

Let's peel off the eggs completely and compare the shape of the eggs.

Village egg has Perfect shape

Farm egg has flat bottom, which leave air space betwen the egg white and the egg shell

The village egg has perfect shape, both top and bottm of the egg has round surface. However for the farm egg, the bottom looks flat where this gives air space between egg white and the egg shell.

I am not sure whether my test result can be conclusive to say that the said village egg is fake. However it is safe to choose for alternative source that I can be assured that the eggs that my family consume is genuine.

If you have more information, please feel free to share your comment.


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