Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Kuwait International Airport International Hall & Boarding Gate Entry Inspection

Kuwait, one of the GULF countries in Middle East Region, and is also one of the fastest growing economy entity in Middle East at this moment.

I learnt new experience on the Kuwait International security inspection, which are inspection prior to entrance to International Departure Hall and inspection to boarding Hall.

If you are bringing your notebook PC or laptop, please have it fully charged or have the power adapter with your hand carry luggage.

This is because you will be asked to turn ON your notebook PC and laptop during both of the above mentioned inspections.

To travel light, I usually have the laptop's power adapter checked in with my luggage. Just imagine, if my laptop battery is flat and I have no adapter with me, what kind of mess and unwanted situation will happen to me? 

If you are a business traveler, and you are traveling in tight schedule, this will mess up your journey.

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