Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dilemma of Team Leaders

It is not an easy journey if one want to be a hands-on, understanding, process oriented and yet result oriented team leaders.

A good team lead will be someone who is consistently be on top of the team objectives, driving results and yet looking into the processes that will make the results possible.

The team lead will be hands on and understanding the challenges face by the team members.

Besides, he or she shall consistently reward  performers and coach the non performers.

Yet, the very key elements of the team leaders are able to see a bigger picture and make necessary planning for the team activities.

A team lead is not merely a supervisor or manager that can perform better result if he or she step into the subordinates territories. A team lead shall focus on how to make the subordinates perform up to the company expectations.

In many occasions, I seen team leads put themselves completely into the shoes of their subordinates. It is vital to be a understanding team lead. Those who put themselves into their subordinates situations are generally good supervisors. 

However, these leaders often unintentionally neglected the higher management challenges and priorities.

I believe, as a team lead, one shall strike a balance, view, plan and execute directions that meet the management priorities and team objectives.

At the other hand, the management shall also value team leaders that strive for results instead of looking at the surface, presentations and reports.


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