Saturday, March 01, 2008

A lesson from Edison Chen's sex scandal

Edison Chen's sex scandal that involve pornographic of a number of Hong Kong celebrities such as Cecelia Cheung, Candice Chan Si Wai, Bobo Chan, Gillian Chung and etc is the hottest topic in the global Chinese communities.

Besides looking at the sex scandal as breaking news, it would be wise if we could take it as a lesson for all especially to the female teenagers and young adults.

Below are some advise:

1. Do not take drug or get drunk especially you are dating/outing with boys/men. You would not know what will happened. And it would be too late to know it if something bad happened.

2. Do not offer your body when your boyfriend demand for sex especially the relationship has not proven to last.

3. Do not allow any picture or video snapping while you are undressed/naked. You never know where will be the soft copy ended to. Take Edison Chen's incident as reference.

Take Edison Chen's sex scandal as the real example for education. It is sinful if we look at it as purely entertaining topic.

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