Sunday, February 17, 2008

Street Fighter IV

Capcom is releasing its arcade classic series, Street Fighter IV.

If you are at the age range between 27 to 35 and expose to the video game, Street Fighter II shall be one of the most memorable video arcade games.

At that time, Super Nintendo has enabled the video gamers to enjoy the arcade excitement of Street Fighter II at home. According to the source, Capcom will soon launch the Street Fighter IV in Play Station 3 (PS3) console.

Besides PS3, arcade lovers will definitely hope that SFIV will be available at Microsoft X-BOX 360 and Nintendo Wii consoles.
Guile who was not appeared in Street Fighter III has returned while heavy weight characters like Ryu, Ken, E-honda and Chunli are remained.

I don’t think I will enter to the video game centre to catch the SFIV, more likely I will be buying a unit of game console with a SFIV.

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