Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 88 - 1775g, 40ml feeding

Boy, you gained 65g in the last 3 days. I would say it is a good weight gain. I hope  such weight gain can be persistent.

Your feeding volume has increased to 40ml every 3 hours. Hope you digest well.

The air flow setting of the oxygen air blender has gone down to 1.5 since yesterday, really hope that you will breathe well without it in no time.

The air pollution is terrible out there. Papa hope while you discharge, the situation has become better. 

Not sure how old are you when you read this post, Malaysia currency has hit rock bottom as compared to past 17 years, RM4.25 to USD1.00 and RM3.00 to SGD1.00.

Papa is a bit skeptical of the future of you and your 2 sisters in living in Malaysia. 

Malaysia is a nice country to live. Freedom and affordable.

But, for next generation like you and your 2 sisters shall expose yourself to live in other countries during your schooling life or early working life. Then, you will be able to make a choice that suite you.

Last but not least, like your mom saying, healthy and safety are the most important blessing that we could have, and should not take it for granted.

God bless!

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