Monday, August 03, 2015

Day 66 - Kangaroo care, Inguinal Hernia & ROP update

My dear little boy, papa met the consultant today, she said you have poor weight gain as you are only weight at 1475g at 37 weeks adjusted age. She said you shall be at 2kg. The consultant has suggested to start kangaroo care for you.

So, when we visited you in the evening, your mom was doing the very first time kangaroo care with you on her chest.

You are so adorable. First time we see you out of the incubator. Your mom hold you with both hands and put you skin to skin with her chest. You were so calm, and you sleep tight.

I know you must be very happy. Listening to the familiar heart beats, the aroma of your mom body smell, the body warm that went thru your body via the skin to skin connection.

You are on alternate CPAP and oxygen air blender. You respiration system is still weak.

Doctor Yip said that you will need to go through the hernia repair surgery before you discharge.

As for your ROP, one of your eye has developed ROP stage 1. I hope it will be resolved by itself in 2-3 weeks time.

You started to have good weight gain last week. Hope to see you crossing 1500g mark this week.

God bless!

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