Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 73 - 1560g, CPAP, PEEP 4cmH2O, Oxygen 21%

Boy, you are not switched to oxygen air blender & CPAP in every alternately. After the last week eye exam, you are on CPAP mode.

I guess is doctor wanted to improve your weight gain as during the last Saturday, 8-August 2015, your weight gain is only 10g in 2 days time.

Your peep setting has lowered down to 4cmH2O and oxygen has reduced to 21%, which is equivalent to room air oxygen level.

Everytime when the CPAP mask was pulled off, your oxygen saturation reading actually did better. I believe you have no problem in breathing without the ventilator or oxygen air blender. Your challenge is your stamina. You get tired after awhile if you breathe without aid.

Your feeding has changed to 25ml every 3 hours. This means that you will be fed 64ml lesser milk per day as compared to the old diet. The nurse said if you are doing well, your feeding shall be increased further.

You look great today. 

Sleep well, gain strength and get stronger.

God's bless!

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