Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Day 67 - 1500g, CPAP & Oxygen Air Blender

Boy, your mom visited you this morning. You encountered several bradycardia episodes in the morning. 

The primary doctor then increased your PEEP setting to 6, initially was 5. This incident made your mom very worry.

The doctor also shares with your mom that during the last Friday eye exam for ROP, you experienced an episode of apnea where you did not breathe and your body turn purple.

Boy, papa understand you have gone through tough time, you did well, what I need you to do is to be tougher than the circumstances and do better. That is the destiny of a man. We survive at all circumstances and get stronger.

In the evening, you are on oxygen air blender and all the setting is lower than before. The oxygen setting is 21% (previously 30%), pressure at 2.5 (previously 3.0), and your clinical indicators are all great!

You also achieved the weight milestone which is 1500g. So, your next milestone will be 2000g. It will be great if you can achieve it in 10-14 days time.

Let's challenge all the new milestones and be tough boy.

God's bless!

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