Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 92 - 1795g, out of incubator

Boy, you are at 1795g today. The doctor wanted you to gain weight faster, supposingly you will be on new fornula milk that is for better weight gain, but due to your high protein level, your diet is maintain with alternate preterm formula and breast milk plus Carborie.

I am writing this post beside your bed. We can see each other. You have a lot of aggressive motions despite you are wrapped by the blanket. The nurses told me because of your hyperactive, it utilizes too much energy that cause you have poor weight gain.

Your mom is pumping her breast milk at the nursing room at NICU. She loves you so much. Mother's love is unconditional, I need you to remember that, and take care of her by doing good as well as staying healthy and strong.

You are a fighter, I like you to maintain this attitude and fighting spirit in your entire life. 

You are calm when your mother holding you and having skin to skin connection.

Stay strong my little man.

God's bless.

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