Sunday, August 02, 2015

Day 65 - Oxygen-air blender, 22ml feeding

Son, you are on oxygen-air blender today. The setting is Oxygen 30%, Pressure 3.

Your feeding has increased to 22ml every 2 hours. It is a new milestone for you. Your feeding has been hovering between 16-20ml for many weeks.

You like to cry a lot. Your mom said it is ok as you are still a baby. She sing songs to calm you down. You hold her finger tight.

We believe you cry because you are hungry. Maybe the feeding is still lesser than what you really need. To overcome that, you need to digest the milk well, so that doctor will increase the volume gradually.

You are still medicated with ursodeoxycholic acid, I believe your digestion system is still not mature yet.

You are very aggressive. I hope you will be having such aggressiveness in pursuing your dreams while you are growing up.

Get well soon.

God bless!


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