Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 82 - 1655g

Boy, you have good weight gain. You gained 55g in 3 days time. You are now at 1655g. 

Over the 80 days journey in the NICU, you gained 1010g against your birth weight at 645g.

Your feeding volume has increased to 38ml every 3 hours. I believe when your digestion system getting mature, the feeding could be increased further.

The nurse said you did well in milk suction even thought you are still on oxygen air blender. 

Your mom did try breast feeding yesterday, she said you did very well. But you are greedy, you cried for 2 hours upon she put you back to incubator.

Mom's milk is sweater than honey. I believe you want more than milk, you felt the love and caring from her.

I hope the mother & son bonding is eternal.

Stay strong, grow well.

God's bless!

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