Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 86 - Vomiting

Oh boy, your feeding volume is still at 38ml every 3 hours. 8ml via mouth feeding and 30ml via line feeding.

Because you are still aided with oxygen air blender, line feeding is still necessary. And because you are staying in the incubator, it is also very challenging for the nurse to feed you via mouth. Your posture in the incubator is definitely not appropriate for mouth feeding, I guess.

You vomitted in the evening. Your mom carry you and soothed you. I can see your face that you value her very much. Mother's love is uncondition. You calm down very soon, you smile and fall sleep in a while.

Boy, you need to learn to breathe without the oxygen air blender, and I strongly believe you will recover faster after the nasal mask is removed.

God's bless.

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