Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 74 - 1580g, 30ml milk feeding, CPAP

Son, you are at 1580g today. Your milk feeding has increased from yesterday 25ml every 3 hours to 30ml every 3 hours.

As compared to previous record, your total milk feeding per day is still 24ml lesser. However I believe your milk feeding volume shall be increased in another day or two if your digestion system is alright.

The CPAP settings are still the same with PEEP at 4cmH2O and oxygen at 31%. The good news is your oxygen saturation has improved.

You have pulled out 2 feeding lines in the morning. To calm you down, the nurse has decided to tight you with the blanket.

Hao, I believe you are progressing well. Stay strong.

God's bless!

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