Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Little hero is 2-year-old now

My preterm baby is 2-year-old now.
Thanks God he is healthy and growing up.

There are still a lot for him to catch up, especially on his weight. However I believe we shall give him more time. As long as he is progressing steadily, he shall be alright.

We had a simple celebration in the evening. 2 pieces of sliced cake and 2 candles. The ceremony was simple but accompanied by his parents, grandmother, and two adorable sisters.

We let him bite and taste the cake twice as we believe the cake is still very challenging for his digestion system.

My late father came to my memory. He is a very accommodating father, especially for his generation. 

He was a intelligent and hardworking man. He sacrificed multiple promotion opportunities to enable him to have the flexibility to take care of us, including my mother like fetching us to and fro from work, school, tuitions, other activities as well as being able to reach home on time to prepare dinner for the family.

During his spare time, he will focus on study like how to improve his day time tasks. I still can remember very clearly that he mastered Lotus 1-2-3, the most popular spreadsheet software at that time from scratch. He was self studied, via reading the software handbooks.

During the 8086, 8088 or XT/ AT era, he was capable of writing simple programming (something like macro for Microsoft Excel in the present) that automating all the variable data calculations based on certain database and parameters. He did show me and it was really amazing!

He passed away last year. I can only miss him and there is no more chance to repay him for all his loves to us.

I hope I will be a good father, to my 3 kids.

Happy Birthday my baby boy!
Dad, I miss you!

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