Monday, January 09, 2017

Biggest regret in my life

My dad was diagnosed with end stage cancer while my wife pregnancy become complicated.

During his toughest period, I spare very minimal time with him as I have dedicated my priority to my son. He survived, born as extreme underweight and extreme premature 28 weeker.

A part from that, I also blame myself for over committed on my day time career.

My dad passed away early last year. I did not make it to be with him during his last breath. He passed on when I was on my returning flight from Bangkok. 

I knew he will be leaving us a week before the trip, I had told my colleagues and my family I will not travel after this Bangkok trip. I wanted to stay with him at his very last stage of his life.

I did not make it, but my wife, my 2 daughters and the youngest son were with him during his last moment.

"Dad, I wish you find peace and healthy at the heaven. Mom just told me that you were waiting for me when you knew you were leaving us. She said you left in peace. Dad, pls forgive me. Miss you."

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