Monday, December 26, 2011

6th Google Adsense Pay Cheque Received

The sixth Google Adsense pay check (cheque) arrived last week. It has been quite a while since I received the fifth pay check from Google Inc 6 months ago.

Marco's 6th Google Adsense Pay Check
I have been very quiet for a while, and have very less posting in 2011. But, the Google Adsense earning does perform consistently with slight increment in term of earning per month.

Maybe I shall set some goals to transform Google Adsense earning as one of the main income streams.

Current Performance
2011:  2 pay checks per year (half yearly)

2012:  4 pay checks per year (quarterly)
2013:  6 pay checks per year (bi-monthly)
2014:  8 pay checks per year
2015: 12 pay checks per year (monthly) 

I believe the above target is realistic and achievable. Don't you think so?

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