Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day 97 - 2000g, 45ml milk, Oxygen Air Blender

Boy, you achieved 2000g today. A remarkable achievement and it is worth celebrating.

I believe the strong weight gain for the past few days is due to the strategy that the NICU apply on you, where you are continued to be assisted with air oxygen blender with air flow at 2-3 as well as adjusting the oxygen to 22-23% as and when you are tired. This is to ensure that most of your energy is utilizes to gain weight.

The nurses also tight you to prevent you from making too much motion. You know, you are known to be very active and strong at NICU since long long time ago.

Your mom also contribute in calming you down by breast feeding and kangaroo care. You sleep well after every session of  skin to skin contact with her.

Hao, continue to do well and stay strong.

God's bless!

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