Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Malaysia vs. Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore are so close to each other, and yet so far if comparisons being made.

Before I depart to Singapore, I went to a money changer to prepare myself some Singapore Dollar. I knew the exchange rate is going to be at around 2.2-2.3,  but I still caught by surprise when the money changer handover me S$86 in the exchange of MYR200.

Compared to Singapore Dollar, the Malaysia Ringgit is just too weak. In short, to be a millionaire in Singapore, one need to be a multi millionaire in Malaysia.

The public transport systems of Singapore is known to be one of the best among the world. Malaysia government can give a lame excuse that Singapore territory is so small and bla bla bla. Let's not compare the routes and coverage, just zoom in to compare the terminals of MRT of Singapore and LRT of Malaysia, you will find that the terminal of MRT is so clean and comfortable, even non MRT passengers are hanging around to do shopping or enjoy the air condition. What is the scenario in Malaysia? It is not a place that you would consider to stay for an extra second. The exhaust gases, cigarettes and dirty surroundings  are the only impressions I have.

The quality and conveniences offers at the Budget Terminal of Singapore is not far away as compared to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). If is just too ugly to Malaysia if we were to compare our LCCT and Subang Airport with the Singapore Budget Terminal.

As per my counterparts in Singapore, most of them left the office on time. The scenario is totally different in Malaysia. More than 50% of the staffs are still working at their cubicles at 7pm. But in term of national progress and development, Singapore is far ahead of Malaysia while the gap is getting wider over period. Malaysia is still not able to catch-up with Singapore even though  Malaysians putting 1-2 hours extra per day in their daily works.

Something should have gone very wrong. In my view, this reason could be Malaysian is not giving high priority on efficiency and time management. Malaysian is still weighing success with hard work and time effort instead of work smart and human asset management (talent retention).

What do you think?

(Marco is writing this post at Singapore Budget Terminal.)

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Jayce said...

What to do? This is what we have done. Poor management, corruption... Catch up? Not so easy...

kandos said...

whats with all the comparison and catch up. Can't we as Malaysians improve on our own merit and basis. You will be surprised, plenty of Singaporeans will compare with the Australian counterpart and wishes to have Australian lifestyle etc...so where does it ever end? I am proud to be a Malaysian working in Singapore temporarily (6 months secondment) and appreciate our differences. I always like to use this analogy...Singapore and Malaysia are 2 sisters, Malaysia is older but not that responsible, but the more beautiful one, don't earn a lot, but gets the most boyfriends, but generally not up to par. Singapore would be the 'perfect' daughter, earns straight As, earn high salary, straitlaced, dependable, efficient. But guess who gets the most guys haha...it is a silly but fun analogy.

Marco said...

Hi Kandos, at this inflation trend, if Malaysia is being operated as it was in the past, all the wealth of the hard earned money of Malaysians will be wiped out by the devaluation of Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) against other major currency.

As compared to Singapore Dollar and Aussie Dollar, MYR is getting smaller by times, it is not because both Singapore Dollar and Aussie Dollar appreciated, it is because Malaysia is so poorly run, in bad debt and the return of earnings of the Government and GLCs investments are too small to cover the credit financing costs (in short, not efficient.)

As a Malaysian, we are just like working for a losing money company with accumulative debts, not profitable, and badly run. Do you feel secured?

I love to live in Malaysia. But, I do not have confident in Malaysia economy.


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