Saturday, December 24, 2016

The lost 4 years

How long is the life span of man?
I believe the average life span of a male is approximately 70 year-old at this moment.
If we consider 20-60 years old are the prime and productive time of a man, the golden age of a man is 40 years.

What is 4 years means to me?
It is 6% of my entire life.
And it is 10% of my productive life.
Yes, it is indeed very precious years.

My life has gone haywire since 2013 till now (2016). Since the company transferred me to take care of a niche business which did not well manage in the past, and it was left unattended for 3 years.

I overdrive myself as soon as on board with the new department. Giving my very best to run the operations, learning new skills and new businesses.

I have stretched my limit over and over, year on year until I am exhausted. Pushing myself over the limit and getting recover over exhaution has become a norm, and it has become a habit.

The frustrating part is when I see things is getting better, restructure kicked in. All the hardwork gone as certain part of business are being restructure and operate like a fast moving business where it is not suitable for niche business.

The worst scenario is when a growing trends is jeopardize by the new structure and wrong handling, the incumbant team that grow the business with a lot of passions are being questioned and hold accountable. Those people whom do not know the business, who are the one ruins the business are left there to operate the niche business like how they run a FMCG business.

I felt my 4 golden years were wasted, trashed. Yes, I am being paid over these 4 years. However, being a pricipal man and being a leader that walk the talk with burning passions, I do not able to convince myself to accept the fact.

I am at the crossroad now.
Shall i continue to invest my golden years? Or I shall cut lost, join the organization that really have the right policies, and have the right management team that know the business that I have a lot of passions.

No matter what, I shall resume appropriate attention on my personal investment to ensure I will have my absolute freedom to live my life and financially strong to support my kids educations and well being of the family.

2017 shall be the turning point.

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