Sunday, December 25, 2016

Less is more, minimalism

It has been a while since I noticed my mind find peace when I travelled for business trips.

Travelling is tired, and yet I find peace, not only at the hotel room, but also at meetings places. 

Initially I thought it was because of I was away from my home, where my attentions are not needed, so that I can focus on my own stuffs.

It could serve as one of the factor, but definitely not the major one.

I believe it is because of the minimal belongings that I brought along when I was travelling.

Usually I travel with only a cabin size luggage and a laptop. I found out that it is because of I have less belongings that I need to take care when I was travelling, it saved me energy for other matters. And because of that, my mind found peace.

Moving forward, I would like to create more peace at home and at my work place.

They are many ways of becoming minimalist. My ways will be as below.

1. Do not simply buy not essential items.
2. Donate or throw away unecessary and extra items.
3. Unclutter the house and workplace.

Even I am not minimalist before this, but I am definitely against consumerism. 

Consumerism will not only make you financially broke, it will also a waste of natural resources and energy.

Consumerism also create bubble economy and causing unsustainability in various perspectives.

Are you minimalist or someone that against consumerism?

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