Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Random thoughts from a picture

It was another work day, around 6:00pm, I was still busy with my office matters as usual, I received a Whatapp message from my wife.

She was driving back from work, it must be traffic jam. "A picture is more than a thousand words", it was beyond words.

It relates me to many thoughs of our life.

It was a sunset, working class including my wife are going home.

It was cloudy sky. The scene is beautiful.

Going to rain.

Traffic jam. Bumper to bumper. Commuters were frustrated. Wasting of precious time.

What a beautiful scenery out there, what am I doing? Where is my balance life? Work life balance please.

Our love ones, my kids, baby and parent are at home, waiting for us.

The picture creates random thoughts from my inner soul.

It is like a message to me.

2016 is ending soon, I shall pray and strive for a better 2017, for my family.

Life is beautiful. Appreciate life.

Yea, many random thoughts oozing to my mind.

Perhaps I am in mid life crisis stage.

A message to my 3 kids, when you read this post, both your mom and dad are going through one of our toughest time in our life.

What come may, let's embrace life.

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