Sunday, December 25, 2016

Decluttering my kids belongings

Yesterday and today morning I was spending time in decluttering some of my kids stuff at my cabinet and living hall.

Why I target this area first?
Because their stuffs are not suppose to be cluttered around those areas.

I have thrown out 3 bags of unwanted items and 2 bags of items for donations. However, the clutters remains as they really have many stuffs with them.

Extra pencil cases

Those items no longer in use but is still in good conditions like pencil box will be donated to the charity. Guess what, those pencil boxes are fully contained with pencils and color pencils.

I am going to involve them in this decluttering exercise and I want them to adopt minimalism. 

Over the years, I have been explaining to them like it does not matter how many pencils that you have, to write a good essay, what you need is adequate language proficiency, and with that, you just need 1 pencil to deliver your ideas.

Hopefully this exercise will make them a better person.

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