Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Special Screening of Dragonball Evolution by 20th Century Fox Film

10th March 2009 was the date of the Premiere Screening of Dragonball Evolution. My daughter who posed the almost perfect 'Kame Hame Ha’ has won us a pair of tickets to view the special screening at Golden Screen Cinema, One Utama at 9:30pm.

I rushed back from my office at 7:00pm, reached home at around 7:45pm, had a shower followed with a simple dinner, get my daughter prepared while waiting for my wife to get ready.

We arrived at the Nuffnang counter at around 9:00pm. Yes, the timing was just nice. Three of us were so excited that this is the first time we brought our 4-year-old daughter for a movie. While we proceed to the cinema hall, we were stopped by a security guard that directed us to another counter where we were require to surrender our hand phones before entering to the cinema hall.

I've then look at the ticket where indicated as below:
"Strictly no cameras, handphones, PDAs, laptops or any other electronics devices are permitted into the cinema."

Alright, I knew that I've got to make a choice to either obey to the 'last minute' condition or just walk away. Based on the rational considering the value of our hand phones and all the valuable information stored inside, it is just not worthy to take the risk. Of course, before we left One Utama, we did walk around the new wing and my daughter was enjoying that moment.

I would like to highlight 2 points to the relevant organizers as below:

1. What is the main objective of not allowing cameras, hand phones, PDAs and laptops from entering the cinema hall? I guess it shall be one of the measure to prevent pirated copy of movie. But common sense tells us that hand phone's camera just could not make it. Why hand phone is in the prohibited list? Some rational please.

2. It is alright to implement such condition, as it is the right of the organizer. But can't it be conveyed with notice given?

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