Friday, March 06, 2009

Health & Beauty Tips and Self Help

I started my first blog with The very initial objective of that blog was to archive all the tips and hints on how one can simplify our life like from all aspects like from family & friends, working environment, personal finance, time management, health information, work life balance, etc.

Most of the content of was made up of health & beauty tips, self help related posts were just merely 5% of the total content. Hence, another blog called Self Help was created to focus more on personal growth, self improvement, self-help and personal finance.

I’m going to tidy up the content of Health & Beauty Tips. Posts that seem to be more appropriate to share in Self Help will relocated from one blog to another.

Below was the first article that I posted on which will be deleted from its original location soon.

I am looking forward to simplify my life. It can be started from home, office, relationship, etc.

Get it started from the office is the initial objective; even some old Chinese says that "everything should have started from your family."

Working as a consulting engineer, there are tones of documents, name cards, faxed-in enquiries on my desks. Besides, there are also many spontaneous calls and emails that flooded to my workplace.

By referring to some basic principals like 5s, stay focus and etc, some improvement is expected.

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