Saturday, March 07, 2009

HSBC Credit Card Rewards Redemption

Credit card is equally important as driving license and identity card to me. It helps me to minimise the cash in my wallet so that I do not need to carry a ‘fat’ wallet with me.

I used to have many active credit cards namely Citibank, HSBC, Alliance, OCBC and Ambank. In result, I have to write many cheques every month for the payment settlements. Sometimes, I got to pay a lot for late payment penalty as I ought to miss out some of them when come to payment.

At last, I have trimmed down to only one credit card which is HSBC Master Card. This measure has saved me for the unnecessary expenses like late payment penalty and annual fees. Besides, the accumulation of reward points has also become more significant.

There are some 25,000 HSBC reward points expiring on March 2009. After surfing through HSBC Rewards Redemption website, very likely I will redeem for Gin & Jacqie bag and cosmetic pouch at the total of 27,500 reward points.

What are the items you normally redeem with your reward points?

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