Monday, March 09, 2009

January 2009 Adsense Performance

January 2009 was a short working month for Chinese communities due to the celebration of the Ox-picious Chinese New Year. The page impressions of January 2009 registered record low at 791. In accordance to the weak page impressions, my Adsense earning of January was closed at USD 11.43.

As compared to January 2008 performance in term of earning, January 2009 has showed the growth of approximately 50%.

January was the very first month of the year, the budget of most of the organizations has not firmed yet where it slowdown the purchasing activities that involve capital expenditures.

This may be the reason that caused low traffic to my Industrial Marking & Coding and Large Format Printing Technologies blog which is most visited by potential buyers of industrial inkjet printers and large format inkjet printers.

Month-to-month performance review:
Page Impressions (January 2009 vs. December 2008): ↓45.01%
Earnings (January 2009 vs. December 2008): ↓38.68%

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Jayce said...

My AdSense earning in January is highest so far. ^_^


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