Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 106 - 2285g, ROP eye exam, on demand feeding

Boy, you gained quite a bit of weight. Hope the weight gain is directly contributed to your new lung cells where it will resolve your chronic lung disease.

You are still on oxygen air blender. The setting of the air flow is at 1 now. 

The nurse said you often forget to breathe when you drink milk. And you drink really fast. You are also tend to forget that you need to breathe when you shit. She said you only started to resume your breathing when you are done.

You are on on-demand feeding now. It means on top of your 60ml every 2 hours schedule feeding, as and when you cry for milk, the nurse will feed you.

On the eye exam, you are basically confirmed free from ROP as of now. A follow up exam will be carried out in another 6 months time.

Boy, remember to breathe. And breathe steadily.

God's bless!

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