Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day 102- 2140g, stopped Ursodeoxycholic acid

Baby Hao, you gained 100g in the last 3 days. You are suffering with chronic lung disease, the only way to recover is to grow your lung, where the new cells of the lung is more capable in exchanging oxygen. 

To do that, the weight does critical matter. You need to continue to gain weight at faster pace. 

Your mom received a phone call from NICU, the doctor told her that you were suffering from desaturation and it was do bad that until the doctor decided to put you back in CPAP. It was happened on last Sunday evening, and you were on oxygen air blender on the Monday morning.

It was caused by stomach upset/ bloating , I guess. The the abdomen is pushing up, it create pressure to the lung. It resulted difficulties in expansion, hence directly affecting the oxygen saturation. However, it is just my guess.

What lead to bloating? It is because you drink too fast. I can't expect you to comprehend what I said to you now, but I hope that when you read my post now, you listen to my advise that you need to chew your foods thoroughly before you swallow. It will be great for your digestion system and many other benefits.

I need you to get well soon and get home in October. Both your sisters accompany us in every of our visitation. And till now, they are yet to have a chance up see you. They are very supportive, and I really hope they will have enough sleep after you get home. And, I believe you will like them very much. 

Doctor has put up order to stop your Ursodeoxycholic acid medication. It is indeed a good news.

Boy, be a man. Fight like a warrior and get well soonest.

Love you boy.

God's bless!

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