Sunday, February 08, 2009

Working on public holiday (Thaipusam)

Thaipusam (9th February 2009) is public holiday for most of the states in Malaysia including Selangor. I wake up at around 7:30am, made myself a cup of 3-in1 instant white coffee and a slice of bread with minced dried chicken meat.

While enjoying the self prepared breakfast, I am also writing this article via laptop computer as I would like to post this article up to this blog before leaving to office. Yes, I need to got back to work even today is an official public holiday for Selangor state. Not because of pending jobs, but it was to ensure the up coming sales convention 2009 of the company is well prepared.

A team of 5 marketing managers including me were requested to work on public holiday due to the tight schedule of company event that will be rolling out from this week until next week. Even with some emotion of unwillingness to come back to office during public holiday, but due to commitment and responsibilities, I have no alternate choice. Hopefully we will be able to leave the office by 5:30pm and not 1:00 to 2:00am like previous assignments.

Work life balance is still a far journey for me, but I believe, it is still something possible.

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