Saturday, February 28, 2009

December 2008 Adsense Performance

December 2008 is considerably a good month for my Adsense earning. The page impression has declined to 1440 but the earning has increased to USD 18.64. Highest monthly earning in quarter 4 of 2008.

Compared to quarter 3, the quarter 4 performance in term of page impressions had slightly increased but the earning per quarter has reduced by 38.76%

Month-to-month performance review:
Page Impressions (December 2008 vs. November 2008): ↓24.96%
Earnings (December 2008 vs. November 2008): ↑81.68%

Quarter-to-quarter performance review
Page Impressions (Q4, 2008 vs. Q3, 2008): ↑4.12%
Earnings (Q4, 2008 vs. Q3, 2008): ↓38.76%


Jayce said...

Well done on your earning.
Keep it up. ^_^

Rengam Boy said...

Your presentations of adsense figures are hard to decipher. Why not just show the actual figures so the readers can do their calculations.

Anywhere, admire your positive attitude towards passive income.

Marco said...

Hi Rengam Boy, thanks for the advise. Will consider your comment in the coming Adsense income related report.


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