Thursday, March 27, 2008

Work Life Balance, Your Choice!

Since I am so pissed off with the working life and traffic system in KL, I have decided to manage my time wisely.

For instant, after meeting with customer which is around 4:30pm, I was in the midst of deciding whether I shall return to office or to leave the business area before the traffic got jammed up. (Traffic started to be busy around 5:00pm, and will be at standstill at around 5:30pm to 6:45pm).

The journey back to the office is approximately 15 minutes, and to be productive, I need at least an hour to really complete some tasks. Where by the time I am ready to go it would probably hit 5:45pm, the time the traffic should have already got standstill, then I will have to waste 2 hours plus to got back home.

Thus, the decision was I will not go back to office; I rather drive to a place near the railway station (LRT station) which is located just few minutes drive away from my daughter’s nanny house.

It took 15 minutes to reach a coffee shop with wireless Internet connection which is located next to the railway station; I ordered a cup of Hainan coffee and toast bread before I start working.

Even though the coffee and bread were really no good, but the wireless broadband is great! I spent 90 minutes at the coffee shop before adjourned to pick up my wife and daughter. The decision to work at the coffee shop rather than returning to office has enabled me to work 30 minutes more for today, and reached my home earlier by an hour as compared to normal day. Other benefits would be savings in petrol and less stressed up due to smooth traffic.

And the energy that I gained from avoiding the jam has enabled me to spend more time with my family at night and more energetic and ready for tomorrow tasks.

I believe this is why European countries that strived very much on work life balance is always ahead of Asia countries.

“It is the quality work that counts, not the quantity of hours spent to work!”

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