Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 135 - Breathing by yourself

Boy, it was a big surprise when papa visited you in the evening. You are off from the oxygen air blender.

The professor of respiration system has decided to take off your nasal cap as you are able to breathe at 21% oxygen. We thought the flow setting at 4.0 is high, actually it is set based on your weight. Based on your current weight, setting below 6.0 will not be able to assist you. This professor believe that you will be able to breathe by yourself and yes, you are doing fine.

The standby doctor visited you few rounds today to monitor your situation. Your lung is not that bad, commented by the evening standby doctor. The good sign is your are very active. Yes, you are active and demanding, it causes your mom restless nights and both your sisters and papa have to stay late every night to assist your mom.

Your mom care and love is the main factor that help you to recover fast. Your sisters supports is also serve as important element.

Your mom sleep less than 3 hours per day for straights 9 days and she is not able to catch her sleep for more than 2 hours per episode as she need to feed you every 3 hours. It is definitely very tiring and she is able to sustain because of her unconditional love to you.

Your sisters are exhausted also. They have been travelling to hospitals every night without fails and stay up until late nights for continuous 130 days plus. Most of the time they are sleeping in the car during the journey back home. They are 10-year-old and 8-year-old now. Both are adorable kids.

By the time you read this post, your mom may be at her 50s, and your sisters shall be at 20s. Please love them and listen to them if you are a teenager.

If you are already an adult, please take care of them. Especially your mom. The unconditional love from her is the greatest remedy to you.

Being healthy is so important.
If you are a teenager now, please spend time in your academic, sports and hobbies. This is the golden chance to acquire knowledge and explore your strengths. Do not spend time in video games and try to be an adult.

If you are an adult now, do not pursue material stuffs like getting fancy car, worse still pursuing those car accessories. Focus at your day time career and spend time with your mom and sisters. Last but not least, exercise.

To get you to breathe without oxygen needed 135 days. Don't you agree being healthy is vital?

Stay strong boy!

God's bless!

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