Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 134 - 2925g, infections free, quarantine

Boy, until today, your mom has stayed in to take care of you for 8 days. While you are gaining some weight in the measurement of hundred of grams, your mom lost 2kg.

You are weighted at 2925g by your mom today morning. You are still on oxygen air blender with high flow setting at 4.0 while oxygen is set to 21%.

As per the professor that take care of your respiration system, he said that you have been infected by various lung diseases since July until the recent virus infection.

Papa really hope that with the quarantine you will be shielded with all the infections and gain strength on your lung.

You look more relax and happy. I believe your mom definitely able to give you more attention and care. 

Please be considerate and listen to her. She is definitely very tired in taking care of you and for sure she is not able to catch enough sleep during this period of time.

Stay strong and be good.

God's bless!

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