Monday, June 01, 2009

A night with a lost baby sparrow

It was an excited Sunday for both of my daughters as they have spent an evening with a baby sparrow that was lost and taken care by us for a night.

We found a baby sparrow at around 6:00pm at our garden. The pity baby sparrow was struggled to fly and going no where. Both of my kids were much delighted as it was unusual to see a bird running around at the garden.

My wife then brought both of them after some physical workouts. It was already near 8:00pm, the lost baby sparrow was standing still at the main gate of the car pouch. I noticed the baby sparrow was sort of looking out for its family member (probably the mother sparrow). I quickly walked up to my room, got my wife and my two daughters down to the car porch to have a look on the scenario.

The baby sparrow was sleeping. My wife had decided to give some warm to the baby sparrow. Together with my mother, my wife had prepared a modern nest using a Tupperware and some tissue papers. My father then carried the baby sparrow to its Tupperware. After putting in a small cup of water and some rice (hopefully the baby sparrow will help itself), we left it at the living hall.

My two daughters were cheered by the baby sparrow, both of them were talking and playing with the baby sparrow the whole evening. We put on some extra tissue papers to ensure the baby sparrow would not get cold thorough the night. Yes, the baby sparrow was having a good sleep, at least this baby slept longer hour than me. Before I went to bed, I saw it was already sleeping. The next day morning, the baby sparrow was still sleeping while I was making myself a cup of coffee.

According to my father, the baby sparrow was flying back with an adult sparrow not long after we placed it at the garden at around 7:00am. The night was not easy for the baby sparrow as this might be the first night that it was not with the sparrow family but with the human family.
I believe the baby sparrow and the mother sparrow shall be extremely happy while both of them found each other in the morning. Well, all the best to the baby sparrow, stay safe and healthy!

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