Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Gift: Photo Album

All these while, my perception toward Father's Day is it has turned too commercial. The businessmen has made the Father's Day an avenue for them to make big bucks. The young ones are influenced by the commercial ads to treat the father with luxury dinner, promoting items with premium price as Father's Day gifts, so on and so forth. Resulted the meaningful day has not really reflects value of recognizing the Fathers. It is just another big day with big time celebration.

To me, all the gifts and treatment on Father's Day alone are something very surface. What the fathers' care about us shall be our health, wellness, marriage and career. So, if one still keep his or her father worrying, the gifts and meal treatment are just worthless. To take care of your father, the first thing is making sure you are take good care of yourself.

Both of my father and mother are retirees, to ensure both of them are still financial stable, I have give no priority to material things like car, oversea holidays and stuffs like that.

Few months ago, while we were in our hometown, I found a stack of old photos of my father. I showed it to him immediately and he just can't wait to share with me the stories of his mother, childhood and school life.

I've made a spontaneous decision to take the photos back to KL and to convert them into digital files. So happen, not long after I came back to KL, I was exposed to the new photo album/ photo book concept, Canonfoto. I believe by taking another step from converting the old photos to digital files, it would be more impressive if all the precious black and white photos are printed out nicely as a photo book or photo album with proper binding.

Below are the steps of making a Canonfoto Album:
1. Scan all the black and white photos in gray scale with 600 X 600dpi.
2. Compiled it via the Canonfoto software and burn it into CD.
3. Send it to one of the Canonfoto ksiok.

Since upon completion of the album production, it will be courier to the customer receiving address, to give my father a surprise, I have put his name as recipient.

Within 8 working days, the album is delivered to my father. The album itself as well as the outer carton packaging is impressive enough to serve as a present.

Well, both my father and my mother were surprised and delighted. Again, with the photo album in hand, my father was sharing all his old stories with me, my wife and his elder granddaughter.

That's the Father's Day gift of mine, what about yours?

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